Overcome the Catch 22 Hurdle!

The Catch 22 Dilemma and how you can solve it!

You need a job to get a visa, but you need a visa to get a job. 

So you ask yourself:  'How can I get a job if I do not have a visa yet?'

Does this sound confusing? Let us explain the Catch 22 dilemma and how we can help you solve it: 


Catch-22 the definition:

"A dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions."


In this video we explain how we can help you solve the Catch 22 Dilemma:


You need a visa to get a job

Job listings will often say:  

"Only applicants with the right to work in New Zealand may apply."

Or:  "Unfortunately, we are not able to consider your application if you do not possess a valid work permit or working visa."

Recruiters will respond along the same line: 

"Please get back in contact with us once you have obtained either residency or a work permit and we would be only too happy to assist. Good luck with your job search."


You need a job to get a visa

Whether you want to apply for a work visa or a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category, you will need a job:

Read more about the importance of having a job offer to be able to claim enough points for your Expression of Interest to be selected from the pool: How many points do you need?

Our Licensed Immigration Adviser explains: Why you cannot apply for a visa if you do not have a job.


The bottom line is:

  1. You will find it very difficult to get a job if you do not have a visa;
  2. Your work visa application will be declined, and your Expression of Interest has no chance of being selected as long as you cannot provide evidence of a job offer.

The Catch 22 dilemma is a tricky position to be in, a vicious cycle.

If you are looking for a job in New Zealand or want to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa, you will probably sooner or later feel frustrated as a result, stuck in a dead-end and unable to take your migration plans further. 

You need to unravel the knot! 


The Solution: Our unique service fusion!

How our unique service fusion will help you overcome the 'Catch 22' or 'Hen and Egg' dilemma:

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers and our Job Search Professionals will coordinate and align your visa application process with your job search and your job search with your visa application.

Your Licensed Immigration Adviser will 

  • Take care of all visa related aspects of your migration and - at the same time -
  • Work hand in hand with our in-house Job Search Professionals daily, here in our office in New Zealand;
  • Advise you and the Job Search Team to ensure that your job search stays in line with visa requirements at all times; 
  • Liaise with your New Zealand employer to educate them about your visa status; 
  • Facilitate the swift processing of your work visa application.  

Your Job Search Team will:  

  • Take care of all job search-related aspects of your migration and - at the same time;
  • Liaise with your Licensed Immigration Adviser throughout your process to ensure that your job search is aligned with your visa application at all times;
  • Ensure that you are only applying for positions that fulfil visa requirements and will eventually provide a base for your visa.  


By approaching your migration process from both ends - visa application and job search - and continuously adapting both methods as you progress, you will be able to unravel the Catch 22 dilemma!



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