Work as an Auditor in New Zealand

Our business partners are looking for Auditors to join their teams!

With a strong economy and sustained population growth, New Zealand is full of opportunities to develop a career as an Auditor. The Financial sector is a significant player in the local market, and with numerous firms across the country, opportunities are plentiful.

Our Job Search Team is looking for experienced Auditors. Send us your CV to if you are interested in having your CV put forth to employers.

Your chances of securing a job as an Auditor increase substantially when having recent experience. It’s also ideal to have developed problem-solving and people skills. This is a crucial attribute in New Zealand, as your position is likely to allow you to have a higher impact on your organisation as well as its clients. 

Auditor New Zealand

In New Zealand, you are likely to work for an accounting firm. These firms can range from small local businesses to large nationwide organisations with branches in bigger cities.

You might also find job opportunities in legal firms and government organisations.

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