Transferrable Skills

Do you have skills that are easily transferrable to New Zealand?

New Zealand employers are looking for migrants who bring their professional skills to New Zealand.

It is important that you identify the skills that are in demand in your industry in New Zealand and that you convince your future employer that your skills are valuable in our country. 

How can you convince your future employer that you have the skills they need?


Take some advice from our Job Search Professionals:

  • Carefully study 10 Job Vacancies and underline the skills, attributes, experience and qualifications that are asked for in the ads.
  • Create a list of the skills the industry is seeking and then write a list of the skills you have that match.
  • If you do have all the skills make sure they are clearly listed on the front page of your CV.
  • If you do not have all the skills you need, use the same research methods listed above to find out where you can get the skills or whether there is a more junior position you can take to gain entry to your preferred industry in New Zealand.


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