How can you get help with finding a job?

How can you get help with finding a job in New Zealand?

Get powerful support for your Job Search!

Our team of New Zealand based job search professionals will work with you on maximising your potential on the New Zealand employment market and assist you with finding a job that matches your skills and expertise.

This highly successful Job Search Service is an integrated part of our immigration assistance program for our skilled migrant clients. We will provide you with the most powerful overall support you can get for your migration and your job search in New Zealand!

Our Job Search Team will work with you throughout your entire job search process, by providing you with ongoing coaching and feedback, giving you the confidence that every possible avenue is being explored for you. 


How exactly does it work?

To get you ready for the New Zealand job market our Job Search Manager will develop your professional profile and work with you on becoming the best candidate in the New Zealand job market you can possibly be. 

Step one: Get ready for your job application stage and undertake targeted job market research 

Work with our Job Search Manager

Katrin, our Job Search Manager, has been working with our migrant clients for many years. She will provide you with optimised, individually crafted job application materials (definitely no templates!) in a format that is understood and appreciated in New Zealand - teamed with highly effective individual job search advice:

  • Tailored CV in New Zealand format 
  • Individual cover letters
  • An individual job market appraisal
  • Personalized job applications
  • Local knowledge of the employment market
  • Knowledge of business etiquette
  • Tips for a targeted job hunt
  • Interview tips


But our support for you does not end here. Once your job application material is in great shape and you are more familiar with the New Zealand job market, you are ready for the next step: Your actual job hunt begins! 


Step two: Job application stage, ongoing powerful job search support through coaching and feedback

Work with our Job Search Coach 

At this stage Jacqui, our Job Search Coach for Skilled Migrants, will be joining in, adding the deciding extra layer of support for your job search. 

Jacqui has many years of experience as a Human Resources professional in New Zealand. She will be at your side throughout your entire job hunt, actively working with you on seeking job opportunities,providing ongoing coaching and empowering you to use your full professional potential.  

By seeking feedback from recruiters and employers throughout the process, she will be able to advise you how to constantly fine-tune your job hunt endeavours and maximising your chances of obtaining an offer of employment from a New Zealand employer.  



Why working with us will save you money

A typical migrant concern:

"Hi Katrin, I am concerned about going to New Zealand with no work lined up, because I would burn through my reserves pretty fast. I would need the assurance of knowing that I am able to work and earn in the local currency. "

The answer: 

Our Job Search Team will work on getting you through your job hunt as smoothly as possible, starting by getting you ready, long before you even arrive in New Zealand. Building a solid base for your arrival will enable you to hit the ground running and save a lot of time usually necessary for finding your feet in a new environment.

Our continued support will then give you a further powerful boost for your job hunt, allowing you to speed up your job search process. This will not only save you money for hotels, travels to interviews etc, but will will also put you in a position to generate an income in New Zealand within the shortest time possible. 


Feedback from our clients: 

"The CV looks great, thank you. Exactly the same with the cover letter, it is perfect! I am very happy with it and feel that it represents me really well!
All the tips and advice that you have given us have been fantastic. It has really helped to ease any uncertainties and I'm sure it will be a huge help when my interviews start."

"Hey Katrin,Thanks for my CV and cover letter. The difference to a German CV is huge! :)"

" Hi Katrin, We made it!! Many thanks for your work and your advice. For sure you have made a difference for my perspective of the job search in New Zealand and I am glad you have been working  with me! Thank you for all the attention, for clarifying my doubts, the reports, the cover letter, supervising my CV and cheering me up from the very beginning! Cheers, Saul S."

"Hi Jacqui,
I can't express how much I appreciate all you are doing for me. Thank you!
I will continue to apply for all jobs I think are in line with my experience and skills. I will forward the cover letter to you as I go along. Thank you and kind regards, A.J."


And another reason why the support our team can offer you is so powerful: Our answer to the Catch-22 problem!

If you have already started job hunting by researching the job market on the internet, or if you have sent job applications to New Zealand employers or recruiters, you will be all too familiar with this statement:

"Only Applicants with the right to work in New Zealand may apply! 

No matter how well qualified you are, you will have to overcome the 'Catch-22' hurdle when applying for a job in New Zealand: You will need a visa to get a job and you cannot apply for a visa unless you have a job.


Our unique fusion of visa and job search assistance will help you overcome this problem. 

Throughout your entire migration process our Job Search Team will work hand in hand with our Licensed Immigration Advisers – literally. 

This efficient combination of services - all advisers are working closely together on a day-to-day basis, right here in our office at New Zealand Immigration Concepts - is the result of many years of experience in the immigration field and countless client feedback.

In combination our advisers are now able to offer you the most efficient immigration assistance you can get for your migration to New Zealand!


A happy client: 

Thank you for your help in that journey! My job hunting has really been improved thanks to NZIC, and more specifically Katrin.

She was always by my side, giving me advice, working on my CV and Cover Letter and even correcting my English !  
And then, thanks to Susan and Julia, my application for my Work Visa has been accepted within only 3 days!

The great work done before has surely helped to achieve this quick positive result. NZIC are really professional and know what to do, when to do it and how to do it… That is so convenient and efficient! I’m still working with them for the next steps and would like to thank them again for their help and support.

Thank you
Kind Regards,

François B. IT Systems Engineer




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Ask our Job Search Professionals

If you want to find out more about finding a job in New Zealand, contact Katrin Schottke, Job Search Manager at NZIC.

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