Can I get sponsored to work in New Zealand?

What does Sponsorship for a New Zealand visa mean and do I need it?

For Immigration NZ, a sponsor is a person or organisation who is entitled to support your visa application. 

If applying for a work or residence visa type, you should check if you need to be supported by a sponsor before sending your application. Doing things correctly from the beginning is crucial to avoid delays and ultimately, your application being rejected.

The Catch 22 Dilemma

To apply for a New Zealand work visa, you will most likely need to obtain an offer of skilled employment. The problem is that in most jobs, you will require a visa to apply. This situation is what we call the Catch 22 dilemma

The Catch 22 dilemma can be a significant problem for aspiring immigrants.

The good news is that New Zealand Immigration Concepts offer a comprehensive plan where we not only help you with the complicated paperwork Immigration NZ requires. Our Job Search Professionals can also guide you and facilitate the process of successfully obtaining the job offer from a qualifying sponsor.

Understand your options

Once you decide to move to New Zealand, you will need to understand what your options are and how to apply for a work or resident visa successfully. It's advisable to get professional help through the process. Ask us for a FREE ASSESSMENT to start you on your path.



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