How can I become an accredited employer?

How can I become an Accredited Employer in New Zealand?

Accredited Employers can recruit talented workers from overseas without having to pass the so-called Labour Market Test, ie evidencing that suitable New Zealanders are not available.


To become accredited with Immigration New Zealand, employers have to meet four key criteria:

- Sound financial position - revenue, profit and equity levels, ability to sustain employment (current and proposed),

- Human Resources - HR and health and safety politics, comments from unions, Worksafe or Labour Inspectorate findings,

- Workplace practices - diversity policies ands practices, compliance with employment and immigration laws, evidence of policies and practices,

- Training and employing New Zealanders - engagement with relevant Industry Training Organisations, training and upskilling New Zealanders, recruitment of New Zealanders, New Zealanders make up significant proportion of employers workforce 


Workers recruited by accredited employer will be granted a Work Visa under the Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Instructions. These visas will be issued for 30 months. 

Holders of Talent Work Visas (Accredited Employers) may be granted a residence class visa once they have held Talent work visa (Accredited Employers) and have worked for an accredited employer for at least 24 months.  


If you want to find out more about becoming an accredited employer with Immigration New Zealand, contact Dr. Carsten Hallwass, the Employer Accreditation expert  at NZIC.