What is the right visa for me?  

The type of visa you will need depends on your plans for New Zealand.

  • You want to find a job and move to New Zealand permanently.
  • You want to move to New Zealand and start your own business.
  • You want to move and invest funds in New Zealand.
  • You want to study in New Zealand.
  • You want to join your partner in New Zealand.
  • You want to work and travel in New Zealand.
  • You want to visit New Zealand.
  • You want to retire in New Zealand.


If you want to stay in New Zealand for a limited time only, a temporary visa will be right for you, but if you would like to stay longer and start a new life in New Zealand you will need a resident visa.

On our website we are going to explain the different visa types and let you know their requirements to give you an overview.

However, New Zealand´s immigration regulations are complex and in most cases the visa application will depend on further conditions such as an offer of employment, the running of a business or placing an investment. 

This is why we  are working as a team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and Employment and Business Specialists to ensure that every aspect of your migration process is covered.


There are different pathways to choose from when applying for a Permanent Resident Visa:

If you are applying for a Temporary Visa these are your options:


If you want to enjoy your retirement in New Zealand you might be eligible for a Retirement Visa.

Or if you already are a New Zealand resident you might be able to apply for New Zealand Citizenship.


Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will let you know which type of visa you will need to turn your plans for New Zealand into reality and guide you through your visa application process.

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