The Latest Skill Shortage Lists

Is your profession on one of the latest Skill Shortage Lists?

Well qualified and experienced professionals are needed in New Zealand.

Many industries in New Zealand experience ongoing shortages of skilled professionals, and as a result businesses are unable to fill key positions and thrive to their full potential. 

To enable New Zealand's economy to grow, New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment identifies skill shortages, based on feedback from key industries, and maintains three Skill Shortage Lists, which are updated on a regular basis to keep up with actual labour market demands.  


New Zealand has three different Skill Shortage Lists:


Why does it matter whether your profession is on one of the Skill Shortage Lists?

The lists are relevant for your visa application and also play an essential role for your job search in New Zealand.
They give you a good indication if you want to find out whether:

  • You can claim bonus points for your Expression of Interest
  • You can fast-track your work visa
  • Your profession is in high demand in the New Zealand job market. 


Our video explains what the Skill Shortage Lists are and why they are so important for your migration to New Zealand: 


 Do you ask yourself whether you will be able to find a job in New Zealand?

Right at the start, you are probably unsure whether you will be able to secure a job offer in New Zealand.

We advise our clients to do as much of research on the New Zealand job market as they can! You can build up your confidence by researching the relevant job portals and gaining a good overview of the skills that are in demand. 


Are you eligible to work in New Zealand?

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