"We are now living the dream!"

Meet our Happy Clients: "We are now living the dream!"

Migrating is a demanding and often emotional journey. You can see both aspects reflected in the feedback we have received from our clients over the past 25 years. 


This is what our clients have said about us:


Hi, thank you for your help once again. It's always lovely to talk to you and nice to know that I am always going to get the best advice and support from you guys. C.X. - August 2020


May 2020: Feedback on our Immigration Webinars: 

"Good afternoon Emma. We just finished the zoom webinar and are grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the process and services." A.S

"Hi Emma. Thanks for the Webinar, it was good to put voices to the names.” K.F

"Hi Emma. Had a great time earlier with the webinar. Very informative!" A.F


"Thank you for the consultation. Your Immigration Adviser was extremely helpful and professional, not to mention kind!” S.W USA - May 2020


"We'd like to thank you all for assisting us during our journey to realise our dream and move to New Zealand. Each of you in your own role. We really feel supported. And what a great outcome we have achieved!"


April 2020: Feedback on our 'Job Search while in isolation' video: 

  • "Thank you for the video clip, it really helped watching it and gave some ideas on how to stay focused during this period of time." C.H.
  • "Thanks for the interesting video. I like very much the takeaway points at the end of the video as it is really inspiring." F.C
  • "Thanks for the video, it got me thinking about job searching again." C.M
"NZIC shows commitment and provides a professional immigration service.
At first, Maj kindly explained the whole process and what to expect. I was coached and introduced to the New Zealand job market by their Job Search team, and getting assistance until I got a job in the country. The Visa team would also follow me up on my pending documents, so I never felt left out.
Truly recommended for those seeking out an option to live in New Zealand. Big thanks from me and my whole family for things NZIC did for us...!" Angelo F. - March 2020

"Maj, Anna, Dr Carsten and the rest of the contributing team at NZIC expertly navigated me through the very thorough and time-consuming application processes to enter New Zealand.

Providing counsel throughout the full experience, I was on a plane bound for New Zealand, work visa in hand, before I knew it.

Highly recommend the service and proven guidance from the folks at NZIC!! Thank you to the whole team for helping to bring my dream to fruition!" Ben H. - March 2020


"Thanks Carsten! That’s truly fantastic news. It’s so frustrating how hard they make it for skilled and very needed migrant employees. The hospitality sector is so hard to employ in at the moment we need amazing people like M. Thanks for all your hard work on her behalf." J. February 2020


"Hi Jannie. You did a terrific job! The CV looks great, thank you." E.B. January 2020


"Kia Ora Jannie. Thank you very much for that awesome CV. We are really impressed and love what you did there. It feels really great how you linked and highlighted all the details.” F.R January 2020
"Hi, I hope you are doing well.
I wanted to send my thanks to you, Carsten and the Team for all your assistance and work with me through this journey of securing a job and then applying for a Work Visa for NZ. 
My family and I are now settled in Auckland and we are looking forward to the Christmas season in our new home.
I wish you all a lovely Christmas and a very good new Year 2020. Thank you, T." December 2019

"Hello Judi. It was a great pleasure talking to you, and I am deeply grateful to the insights you have given me with respect to job search. The elaborated detailing and strategic approach received from your end boosted my confidence and enhanced my spirit to regain the momentum. SJ" December 2019


"We'd like to thank you all for assisting us during our journey to realise our dream and move to New Zealand. Each of you in your own role.

We really feel supported. And what a great outcome we have achieved! 

After this, our cooperation will continue. Anna, G will be back in touch with you beginning of 2020. And after we are settled, we would like to proceed with the steps towards residency. We will be arriving 28 December. Lots of things to do after arrival. Find a place to live, school for L, etc, etc.

Anyway, we can’t thank you enough. We wish you merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays! Warm regards, G, A and L." December 2019


"Kia ora Leah, we had an incredible, unforgettable year in NZ. Our kids changed into kiwi kids. It’s amazing; they speak like kiwi and love walking around barefoot we will miss your beautiful country, the warm heart of our community here in M and the incredible teacher. Thanks for helping us to get our dream getting true. Ngā mihi, noho ora mai, M.B” November 2019


"Dear Jannie, just want to drop a note to thank for your everything. Your help is much appreciated! You are a wonderful and professional job search coach! I am so lucky to have you supporting me! M.K.” November 2019

Jannie's Response:

"Hi M, thank you for your kind words. I have enjoyed working with you because you are so good at following up on advice. I sincerely wish you and your wife and daughter a good transition to the NZ lifestyle. Wellington will be very different from HK but hopefully in a good way. Do keep in touch once you start your new job as I would love to know how you all are. Jannie" November 2019


“Hi Maj, I'm so pleased and impressed with the professional and prompt service and feedback from yourself and New Zealand Immigration Concepts. Thank you for that! D.M.” November 2019


"Thanks Apekshi and Carsten for your valuable advice and processing our work visas with maximum results. Appreciate your prompt communication and quality service too. V.D." October 2019


"Hi Anna, I hope you are as well as I am. I got an offer from G! I would just like to say I could not have done this without you. I am forever thankful for everything you have been doing and are doing for us. Thank you!" September 2019


"Oh, I am so happy I could cry!!!!! Wow - excellent news!!!! Thanks for your support of him and for guiding us. We look forward. We look forward to physically having him here with us. Cheers, S."


“You’re a winner, thanks so much! Looking forward to our new adventure! J.A.”


" I am so happy I could cry!!!!! Wow - excellent news!!!! Thanks for your support of him and for guiding us. We look forward to physically having him here with us. Cheers, S." August 2019


"Hi, that is great news indeed! Thank you very much for all your help and assistance with this process. You have made this a very uncomplicated process. We really appreciate it. Cheers, T." August 2019


"Hi, I’ve started my work in T. Everything goes smoothly. I really appreciate you guys’ efforts. Thank you very much! Best wishes, P." July 2019


Thank you for the flowers!
Thank you, Kathy, Jon and kids, for the beautiful flowers! 
March 2019 
Hi team, Judy and Anna! Thank you so much for assisting my husband J.P. with the whole immigration process and job coaching! I Appreciate it.
CP, March 2019

"Hi Judi,

I very much enjoyed speaking to you last night! Anna told me you would have many ideas and you didn’t disappoint me:)

LF, February 2019 


"Recomendo a todas as pessoas interessadas em imigrar para a Nova Zelândia, contactar a NZIC.
A NZIC tem um equipa excepcionalmente competente e eficiente. Senti-me apoiado desde o início do serviço e devo realçar que em apenas alguns meses obtive o meu visto de trabalho e um emprego, neste momento resido em Wellington e estou extremamente satisfeito. Tudo isto graças à NZIC.
Muito obrigado!  LM, February 2019


"Carsten und sein Team des NZIC sind sehr professionell und freundlich und wir bedanken uns für die kompetente Hilfe. Sie führten uns Schritt für Schritt durch den Dschungel der behördlichen Auflagen. So war der ganze Prozess stressfreier und wir fühlten uns in guten Händen. 
Wir können NZIC nur weiterempfehlen! BH, January 2019


"Hi,Fantastic news, thank you!
Have a good day
Ours is great thanks to your email!
SH, December 2018

"Hi Maj, We are so excited. We are on the final leg of the application process and I cannot wait to arrive in NZ in January. I spoke to L this morning and she informed me that she feels so much more relaxed now that she knows an expert team will be handling their affairs. 

It is a nightmare to try and figure everything out on your own.

Keep well, NP. November 2018


"Well for once this word nerd of an Irishwoman has no words ..except Thank you.

You guys in NZIC are amazing. We are grateful that we are in such good hands."

MR, November 2018


"Good day, Maj, Our process is going very well, thank you. We can only thank you and your company for all the assistance you gave us thus far and I would recommend you guys to everyone if I could. Your service is outstanding.

Have a lovely day, Kind regards, CR, September 2018


"Hi Anna, Good news! I got the job!

I received a verbal offer and am expecting the written offer tomorrow. I am so excited and hope that everything can be speedily done and I can get the work visa.

Thanks. RC, July 2018


"....But firstly & most important...Thank you. I know you get loads of than you's from happy clients and rightly so because we could not have done this without you. We had this sense of wonderful support that comes from New Zealand Immigration Concepts. I hope you do not get tired of hearing "Thank You" from your clients... it is deserved. 

Hoping you and all the staff at NZIC are keeping well. 

MR, June 2018


"Let us express our sincere gratitude to you and the entire NZIC team. Indeed the whole process was a stressful one, but your advice and to-the-point documentation not only shows your knowledge and confidence but also raised our confidence that we gonna make it. 

Your counselling before starting the process, during the work visa application, EOI and finally the Residence visa application was exceptionally professional and has exceeded our expectations. I, along with my family, am really grateful for your service and have no hesitation to recommend NZIC to our family and friends.

Best wishes to you and entire NZIC family.

Regan Timalsina & Family (Nepal)

I would love to post above message on your website and have attached a picture of my family as well. 

Sincerely yours, Regan. May 2018

 Timalsina Regan

The Timalsina Family, May 2018 


"Thank you very much for the update. Anna has emailed me a tailored CV as well as a cover letter, along with links to a few job advertisements. She also provided me some very valuable tips with regards to tailoring my cover letters. I received a telephone call for S from K recruitment! 

I really appreciate your continued support failing which I would have lost hope.

Kind regards, PK, May 2018


"Thank you for all your great work! I admire your innovative and professional approach to the whole migration process and really value the positive feedback you have given me. Your support was helpful and energising!."

JL, April 2018


"Thank you and your team for doing the best to get my visa. I would love to work with you guys again in the near future for my further visa process."

NM, March 2018


"You're and Angel who brought all the best news we could eve have! A big thank you, you have been a great team. See you in Nelson!.

Kind regards L&S S, March 2018


" I approached NZIC in September 2015, thinking that my case is not very optimistic, but I was assured that actually it is quite the opposite. NZIC guided me though all steps I had to take, waited for me patiently when I decided to travel a few months in Asia before I arrived in NZ, and made the whole process very smooth. And finally, in March, I was granted residency. 

I really appreciate their support and honesty, but most of it professionalism. I would definitely recommend the whole NZIC team to every person thinking about NZ residency. 

Have a fabulous weekend, kind regards, KF, March 2018


"That is absolutely great news! Thank you so much for all your guy's assistance with this process and helping to make the stress less:)

Kindest regards, LS, November 2017


"Let the games begin! Thank you for all your help! It is such a small word and we will properly thank all of you at Immigration Concepts once we are over the lovely shock and get our heads around all that has to be done. No doubt we will be in touch again and once we are settled will most likely pop up to Nelson.

So much to do... Onwards & Upwards. Best wishes, MR, October 2017



"Wwwwwwwwoooohooooo! You are incredible! We can't thank you enough for all your hard work and support throughout this process. 

Thanks, you have no idea what kind of relief this is. 

Yyyyyyayyyy best day ever!

Have a great weekend. CS, July 2017



"I haven't stopped jumping up and down for awhile!!!! YAYAYAYAY I am so happy!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFORT - YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, I KNOW WE ARE GOING TO!!!

AdlP, June 2017


"Thanks for the good news and the excellent teamwork in getting things done!

MG, June 2017


"It was really great hearing the good news today! Thank you so much for everything, for the patience and most of all for listening to my stories...A big than you to your entire team who works hard and helped us out!

Have a good day, LP, June 2017


"Good day Maj, Once again thank you for the quick reply and I must say that the service and assistance that has come from you to this point has really made a difference!

SM, May 2017


"Thank you! I am at my new desk in my new office with brand new colleagues to meet! :)

...hard task the first day!!! :)

Have a good week, CC, May 2017


"How are you? I am pretty excited by this news. I just can't believe I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Exciting times indeed!

Thank you again for standing at our side in this journey!

Best wishes, AB, May 2017


"Dear NZIC, Thank you so much for your call with the life changing good news! We are naturally all very excited!

Thank you." DH, May 2017


"Thank you Katrina for your confirmation!!! Everything is on track!! fantastic!!

LT, May 2017


"Dear Maj, If the service and courtesy we received from you is anything to go by, I can only be positive to deal and work with the rest of the teams. Again, thank you very much for your contribution and all the advice and efficiency. 

Much appreciated and take care, AN, May 2017


"Lieber Carsten, ich habe es noch nicht richtig zum Ausdruck gebracht, wie glücklich wir sind, wie aufgeregt und wie immer wieder dankbar wir sind! wir haben viel vor und machen gerade Nägel mit Köpfen."

ML, April 2017


"Hi, New Zealand is fantastic, everything we hoped for, good weather, friendly people and lots of opportunities! 

DD, April 2017



"Hi Carsten, You are the best immigration consultant I have met so far and I would recommend you to anyone who would like to get NZ resident status. However, the language is still barrier for a lot of Chinese I know. 

Best regards, LS, September 2017



"Hello, Thank you for the news and approach which you have chosen to deliver it:)

The passport have been just sent to your office.

Thank you again fro the well-done job and your patience with us.

SS, October 2017 



"Good evening, I hope you had a great Easter break and some nice weather down there in Nelson. 

Last week the document/passport arrived and I am still very happy about this. Therefore I wanted to take the chance and thank you for all of your support.

THANK YOU. Kind regards, C.

CH, April 2017


Thank you for my CV and cover letter. The difference to a German CV is huge!!

JK, December 2016



"My family met the team at NZIC, when were renewing our visa this year. My husband, Vincent, had some trouble with his current position at his workplace, thus putting a strain in our application. His employer, had contacted NZIC to help with our application.Without your help, our work visa would have been declined. Because of your good service, we reached out to you for help and advise upon applying for our residency.

Your patience, optimism, resourcefulness and kind approach through the difficulties we faced during our application, has really made our experience well worth it. Your efforts and help of the NZIC team has made our dreams come into reality. We are very grateful for their service."


Nazarro Family

Emily Nazarro and Family, November 2015



"Dear Team from New Zealand Immigration Concepts, I am very happy to write a little testimonial. When I first came to your office, not knowing if I have a chance to find a new home country in New Zealand, I felt that I was in the right hands straight away!

You encouraged me, looked after me and even money wise I felt it was a good value!

Your kindness was often even making me to prefer to drive to Nelson rather than to send forms with the mail. It is a pleasure to visit you in your office.

I recommend your address already a few times. All fingers are crossed now, yours and mine!

Warm regards, JB, September 2012 


I rate NZIC (from 1-5, with 5 being the highest score):

Professionalism: 5

Felt well looked after: 5

Value for money: 5

Timely feedback: 5

Approachability: 5

Friendliness: 5

Recommend to others: 5

JB,September 2012


"Thank you for all the effort that you and your team are putting into my dream. I do not think that I was expecting all of this when I enrolled at first, but I am really excited and finally sure that the process ahead can only be 100% successful. Kind Regards, A.O."


"Hi Anna, Wow, nice work on the CV, if this crossed my desk I would strongly consider hiring myself."


"Dear Anna,  Wow!  You made my CV look incredible. Thank you!"


"Thanks so much, my application for my Work Visa has been accepted within only 3 days!"


"The CV looks great, thank you. Exactly the same with the cover letter, it is perfect! I am very happy with it and feel that it represents me really well!"


"All the tips and advice that you have given us have been fantastic. It has really helped to ease any uncertainties." 


"Hey,Thanks for my CV and cover letter. The difference to a German CV is huge! :)" 


"We made it!! Many thanks for your work and your advice. For sure you have made a difference for my perspective of the job search in New Zealand and I am glad you have been working  with me! 


Thank you for all the attention, for clarifying my doubts, the reports, the cover letter, supervising my CV and cheering me up from the very beginning! Cheers, Saul S."


"Thank you for your help in that journey! My job hunting has really been improved thanks to NZIC! You were always by my side, giving me advice, working on my CV and Cover Letter and even correcting my English! 


And then my application for my Work Visa has been accepted within only 3 days!


The great work done before has surely helped to achieve this quick positive result. NZIC are really professional and know what to do, when to do it and how to do it… That is so convenient and efficient! I’m still working with them for the next steps and would like to thank them again for their help and support. Thank you! Kind Regards, François B. IT Systems Engineer, France



"We just received the approval and our new visa labels yooohooooo !

So once again I just wanted to thank you for your advice and wonderful assistance throughout this process. You made it so much easier. We have been very lucky and are enjoying every moment in this lovely country. Take care. B., L., L., S. and J." February 2018


"Thank you and the whole team for the great job. Frankly, I still cannot get how you did your "magic". Thank you for all your efforts, professional advice and, of course, for your patience with us. :) Regards, S." November 2017


"I must be honest, having your team on board with our process was the best decision ever! Thank you for your guidance, we await then the results and will discuss the next steps once the information is known. Enjoy your afternoon." M. France, August 2017


"Andi and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and the NZIC team for guiding us through our daunting immigration experience. It's with conviction that I would say we would have thrown in the towel after the first year but you remained steadfast in the belief that we would obtain our permanent residence if we just persevered and followed the sensible route .

We trust that many potential migrants using New Zealand Immigration Concepts will enjoy the same professional, efficient and curtious service as we have. Thank you Kind regards A. and P." July 2017


"Thanks a lot for helping us to relieve us from undue pressure. Well done! Best regards, V." March 2018


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