Chelsea Jakobsen | Immigration Case Manager

Chelsea Jakobsen | Immigration Case Manager


Chelsea Jakobsen | B.A. | Immigration Case Manager 

Chelsea has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology degree at Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada.

Chelsea moved to New Zealand from Canada in 2013. Her experience of going through the immigration process herself gives her a good understanding of our clients' journey and makes her a perfect addition to our team. 

Chelsea is currently studying to become a Licensed Immigration Adviser.

Chelsea is a hobby artist. She likes ink work and digital design and enjoys the outdoors.


Client feedback:

"Oh, I am so happy I could cry!!!!! Wow - excellent news!!!! Thanks for your support of him and for guiding us. We look forward. We look forward to physically having him here with us. Cheers, S."

“You’re a winner, thanks so much Chelsea! Looking forward to our new adventure! J.A.”


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