Meet the Team

Meet the Team at New Zealand Immigration Concepts!

Find out who we are and why we are qualified to give you the best all-round assistance you can get for your move to New Zealand. 


We are your key to success:

We offer the most powerful immigration assistance you can find.

We are qualified and experienced.

We are upfront, genuine and personal.

We understand what our clients are going through.

We represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Our team speaks English, German, Sinhalese, French and Spanish. 



We're impressed constantly, on all fronts, by your and your team's professionalism.

This is one of the things I love about New Zealand Immigration Concepts: that people like yourselves have actually walked in these shoes!



The People at New Zealand Immigration Concepts 


Carsten Apekshi penny

Dr Carsten Hallwass |LL.B. - PhD
Director | Licensed Immigration Adviser

Apekshi Jayawardena | LL.B. (Hons), PGDBE
Licensed Immigration Adviser 

Penny Taylor |
Licensed Immigration Adviser

leah katrina kerrie

Leah Shopneck | B.A. |Licensed Immigration Adviser

Katrina Horgan |
Immigration Case Manager | Visa Team Manager

Kerrie Bland |
Administration Assistant 

anna janniedone3 judidone

Anna Fyfe | B.A.
Job Search Coach

Jannie Allen | B.A. | L.L.B.
Job Search Coach

Judi Lubetzky | B.A.
Careers Coach

Screen Shot 2020 12 21 at 12.44.43 AM martina2 maj

Mark Beltran | B.S(ECE)
Job Search Coach 

Martina Könnecke | LL.B.

Maj Hallwass | B.Com
Marketing and Business Development Manager

trae  emma  

Trae Kavalinovich |
Marketing Coordinator


Emma Serianni | B.A. 
Customer Services Coordinator





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