How do Recruitment Firms help?

Can Recruitment Firms help you to find a job in New Zealand?

Working with a recruiter can be a good idea, but you need to know that you are not their client.


How can a recruiter help you with your job search?

Recruitment agencies are well connected to the New Zealand job market.

They have good relationships with the companies you are looking for job opportunities with. 

This will sometimes allow them to give you inside information, meaning you can get ahead of the competition for a role, or even be offered a role that is not being advertised on job boards or social media. (Learn more about the Hidden Job Market). 

We advise you to take the time to research recruitment agencies that have the expertise to help you. 

They could be generalist agencies, that cover a vast range of industries or industry-specific agencies. 

Our Job Search Professionals will point you in the right direction and suggest the best contact for you. 


Will the recruiter represent you and work in your best interest?

In New Zealand recruitment firms are working for the employer.

Recruiters are engaged by employers to find skilled candidates for openings that have been identified within a firm.

They get paid by the employers to represent and support them.

While it is definitely in the interest of a recruiter to find a good candidate for the employer, their aim is to present a job applicant to their client who is not only skilled but also "ready to start working".

When contacting a recruitment agency or replying to a job listing, migrants will inevitably come across the following remark:

"Unfortunately, we are not able to consider your application if you do not possess or are not eligible for a valid work permit or working visa." 

Recruiters are not representing your best interest, for them, you come second. 


Our goal is to help you find a job! 

We are not a recruitment firm. We represent you and your best interests. 

No matter what position or industry you work in, searching for a job isn’t easy and it is important that you are as pro-active during your job hunt as possible. 

With so much competition for roles, it is tough to stand out from the crowd and make yourself an attractive candidate to an employer.

To achieve this, we encourage you to open up as many channels of opportunity as you can! 

One way of aiding your success is by utilising a recruitment agency, and getting in touch with a recruiter will definitely be a good idea at some point during your job search.

We do not consider recruiters to be competitors, but important contacts that can potentially support our clients.  

Our Job Search Professionals have developed excellent cooperations with leading recruitment firms in various fields of expertise and will connect you with the most suited recruiter as part of our work for you!



This is what our Job Search Coach Anna says about working with recruiters:

"So no doubt when dealing with some recruiters you’re facing a huge amount of frustration and a brick wall.  

From their perspective I guess, they are being paid by an employer to find someone to quickly to fill a role and then getting paid a commission for doing so.

So it’s a financial risk to a recruiter to place someone they consider an ‘unknown’ should we say (without local experience), as should that person not work out, they will need to refund that commission and it will affect the reputation of the recruitment company.  

You and I both know that skills and experience-wise you’re completely able to do the job, but I think it’s just the way that recruiters work and the fact they’re doing a paid job for an employer, that adds the difficult element in there."  


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