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You don't just want a visa, you want the freedom to live where you really want to. Most migrants will need an offer of employment here to meet their points requirement.

But it is not as simple as sending out CV's!

Job search is much more than just applying for jobs online. One CV sent out to 50 different companies may get no response at all, while a prepared and connected job hunter can often get a great position that wasn't even advertised, just by having a chat with the right person and understanding the employment market here.

There is a lot of research that people need to do to prepare, position themselves and thoroughly understand the New Zealand job market. This can be a daunting task for someone overseas, but our coaches will mentor you and get you set up well to excel in this.

Only 30% of jobs are advertised through the ‘traditional job market’ such as online applications. 70% of jobs are advertised through the hidden job market.  We support our clients to understand how to access this hidden job market. In addition, the skills that clients learn from our job search coaches are not just to get them into their first job in New Zealand.  These are life-long career management competencies that will assist clients successfully navigate their career as they build a life here in New Zealand.

Remember New Zealand is small and you often only have one chance to make a good impression with chosen employers. Research, connections, and preparedness for the New Zealand job market are essential to making this work!


"Thank you for your help on that journey! My job hunting has really been improved thanks to NZIC! Anna was always by my side, giving me advice, working on my CV and Cover Letter and even correcting my English! And then, thanks to Carsten, my application for my work visa has been accepted within only 3 days!"



What exactly do our job search coaches offer?

Our Job Search Coaches will work with you throughout your entire job search process. They will ensure you are fully prepared for your arrival, ultimately they provide:

  1. CV development
    • Working through a comprehensive CV information questionnaire
    • Developing a draft CV
    • Email correspondence 

  2. Job search strategy & action plan 
    Bespoke individualised job search coaching for clients

    • Individual meetings with clients by job search coaches
    • An session with a career coach
    • Goal setting and co-constructing an action plan
    • Administration
  3. Cover letter development

    • Providing resources for clients to know how to develop a NZ style cover letter
    • Researching client’s roles and sector to develop a specific template clients can use
    • Email correspondence 
  4. Webinar invitations

    • Clients can attend as many webinars as they wish to attend, although we highly recommend NZ Job Search 101 is one of them!

    • NZ Job search 101
      Introduction to job search in NZ and an overview of cv development, networking and the hidden job market
    • Networking and the hidden job market
      Unpacking the hidden job market and how to make the most of the current situation to prepare for networks effectively
    • CVS and cover letters
      Understanding the fundamentals of tailoring your NZ styled CV and cover letters
    • Understanding the New Zealand labour market in 2020
      Unpacking the labour market test, and looking at sector viewpoints
    • Creating a dynamic LinkedIn profile
    • Workplace culture and communication
      Understand workplace culture and communication to be able to communicate appropriately and confidently with New Zealanders
    • Interview skills
      Developing interview skills for virtual interviews 

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