The algorithm-screening friendly CV

How can you create an algorithm-screening friendly CV?

For every job listed online, there can be hundreds of applicants!

Employers are using modern technologies to filter through job applications and narrow down the number of candidates they will take into the next round of the recruitment process. 

Job applications are assessed by computer systems as a first step to determine whether the application fits the requirements for the role. 

To ensure that your job application actually gets to the front of the line, you need to understand how the automated computer screening works.

Computers scan your application and your CV for keywords that are set up specifically for the position that needs to be filled. 


Use the right keywords in your application material! 

To pass through the initial algorithm screening, it is important to use the right keywords relevant to the jobs you apply for on your CV and online profiles.

  • Use the full character count in your LinkedIn profile summary field to highlight your successes, skills and value - using appropriate keywords;
  • Format your CV appropriately so it contains the content AI recognises;
  • Don’t use unusual job titles; 
  • Do not change jobs too frequently, as turnover can be factored into the criteria AI screens for.


How we can help:

Our Job Search Coaches will adapt your overseas profile to make it fit for New Zealand algorithm screening.

They will ensure that your CV and cover letter contain the best keywords for your job applications, by using New Zealand terminology that will be picked up by New Zealand computer systems.

We will help you get through the algorithm-screening stage and into the next round of your job application phase!


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