Construction Jobs in New Zealand

Work in New Zealand's Construction Sector

If you are an experienced Construction Professional, New Zealand can offer great opportunities for you.

The New Zealand construction sector is growing

The two main reasons for this are the continuous population growth, mainly in Auckland, as well as the rebuilding of Christchurch and the Canterbury Region.

Given the substantial population increase in Auckland and across New Zealand, along with the shortage in available housing, residential construction is booming. Tens of thousands of new homes have received building consents in the past few years, and the government has committed to building 50,000 homes in Auckland to stop house prices from soaring. 


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Growth in this sector is expected to continue

The construction sector is expected to continue growing across the country, with the most prominent cities driving most of the demand. 

About 25% of the total expected increase in jobs in New Zealand is forecasted to happen in construction. 

The roles with the highest demand in New Zealand’s construction industry are:

There are many more professions listed in the Skills Shortage Lists. Even if your specific skill isn’t on the list, you might still have a chance to qualify for a visa. 

The Construction and Infrastructure Sector is responsible for close to 250,000 jobs. Many businesses in the industry are small to medium-sized and are mainly situated in the biggest cities of New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch). If you are looking to secure a job offer, it’s important to understand how to search for a job "the New Zealand way". You can read Job Search tips from our Job Search Coach on the following page from our website: How to Search for a Job in NZ.


Watch the following video courtesy of Immigration New Zealand and Downer, for more information about working in New Zealand's construction sector: 


Visa Options

When looking to move to New Zealand to work in the Construction Sector, you will have various short term and long term visa options. Applying for a visa under the Skilled Migrant Category will allow you to stay indefinitely and enjoy life as a local in New Zealand long term. This category has specific requirements, and it is highly likely that you will need to have a job offer prior to applying for your visa. 

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