Can Immigration Advisers help you get a job?

Will it be easier for you to find a job in New Zealand if you have engaged a Licensed Immigration Adviser?

Definitely! Working with our Licensed Immigration Advisers will improve your chances of getting a job offer!


How can our Licensed Immigration Advisers help you with securing a job offer?

New Zealand employers and recruiters will be a lot more open to considering you as a serious job applicant if your visa matters are in professional hands! 

When approaching the job market, it is important to assure your potential employer that - while you do not have a work visa yet - your visa application is in professional hands and will not cause any problems or delays for the employer.

Using a Licensed Immigration Adviser shows your commitment to finding a job in New Zealand and it makes the employment process a lot easier for your New Zealand employer. 

From many years of experience we can't stress enough that working with our team of Job Search Professionals and Licensed Immigration Advisers will put you in the strongest position possible and vastly improve your chances of securing a job offer.

Many of our successful job search clients have confirmed that the fact that they have enlisted the support of a Licensed Immigration Adviser made a huge difference. 


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Ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers

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