Newsletter December 2014

Posted by Katrin Schottke on 11 December 2014

Merry Christmas from the NZIC Team

As 2014 is drawing to a close we like to take the time to look back and reflect on the past year. It has been an exciting one for our team, with a lot of positive developments, which we would like to share with you, our clients and future clients.

There have been travel adventures and new temporary offices in Paris and Milan. NZIC has become a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce , we have attended the UK Migrant EXPO in London and Manchester and finally - our new website. Have a look, the new design will make it a breeze to access information and we are constantly adding to it, so stay tuned

Have you ever wondered how others have made the move to New Zealand? Read our Migrant Interviews. It might give you an insight  into what the process is like and how working with us can help you make it so much smoother.

And finally (and long overdue), we would like to welcome Susan Oakden to our team. Susan, originally from the UK, has lived in New Zealand for 12 years now and is assisting our team with administration and client liaison. She is also the friendly voice on the phone, so give us a call, she will be happy to talk to you.

Christmas in New Zealand is of course less about snow and more about sun, swims and barbeques on the beach or in the backyard. From December onwards thousands of Kiwis get ready for their annual holiday, looking forward to endless summer days on the beach or in the bach (the original Kiwi holiday house), games of backyard cricket, fishing, hiking, shorts and jandals. The Pohutakawa trees will be in full bloom and many Pavlovas will be consumed. New Zealand Christmas Traditions might be different to your home country, but either way, enjoy this newsletter, have a lovely Christmas time - Winter or Summer - and a great start to the New Year.

New Zealand named world’s best country (again)

Source: UK Telegraph
New Zealand was announced as the UK Telegraph readers’ favourite country, with votes cast by almost 90,000 people in the widest-ranging travel survey of its kind. [...] “Too often a lot of people go to a destination where ultimately it is never as good as the brochure, whereas in New Zealand we think people come and get an experience that is better than the brochure.” The country has now won the best country category on several occasions. For a full list of the winners and the awards, see Telegraph Travel Awards 2014

The Spirit of New Zealand - This will make you smile
Source: 100% Pure New Zealand
'Sweet As' was a finalist in the 'Your Big Break' competition a global search for the next great filmmaker. Their task was to capture the spirit of New Zealand in a 3 minute short film. Judged by Peter Jackson and produced by multi Academy Award winner Barrie Osborne. Click here to watch the short clip and enjoy.


The most welcoming countries in the world

New Zealand does very well in the Friendliness Index, with an impressive 91% of survey participants agreeing that Kiwis are a friendly bunch. A similar percentage of expats (88%) think that Kiwis have a friendly attitude towards foreign residents. Read more.

New Zealand second in world's least corrupt countries
Source: Transparency International, December 2014
Transparency International has ranked New Zealand in second place for least perceived corruption, beaten by Denmark with a score of only 1 point. 175 countries ranked based on the presence of corruption in the public sector. New Zealand continues to have a strong track record when it comes to having an open and transparent government.

Short-term employment forecasts: 2014-2017
Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
Employment forecasts over the 3 years to March 2017 are presented in this report. These employment forecasts will be used to inform the Ministry’s advice relating to immigration priorities, and priority setting for tertiary education and industry training over the next 2-3 years.

Key points are:
  • Employment is forecast to grow by 2.4% between 2014 and 2015 March year, by 2.2% between 2015 and 2016 and by 1.6% between 2016 and 2017
  • The unemployment rate is forecast to decline, falling to 5.3% by March quarter 2015 then declining gradually to 5.1% by March quarter 2016 and dropping further to 4.8% by March quarter 2017
  • Strong employment growth is forecast in the construction and utility industry over the next 2-3 years
  • Growth in demand for employment in highly skilled occupations (mostly managers and professionals) will be higher than the overall employment growth. 
The full report can be read here.

Canterbury still tops in employment growth
Source: November 2014
In the year to the September quarter, the region that is focusing on an earthquake rebuild accounted for almost half the national employment growth. Nationwide, the unemployment rate fell 0.2 percentage points to 5.4 per cent in the three months to September, according to Statistics New Zealand's household labour force survey.
Sectors with the biggest employment increases in Canterbury in the year to September included construction, with 13,800 more people employed since the September 2013 quarter. Employment in the retail trade and accommodation industry grew by 7,800 people from 12 months earlier. Employment also grew in other regions. Over the year to the September quarter, employment in Auckland grew by 15,400 people and Waikato employment grew by 14,300 people.

NZ's 'rock-star' economy has more in store, says expert
Source: NZ Herald December 2014
The rock-star economy will give an encore next year, says the economist who attached that label to New Zealand. HSBC's chief economist for Australia and New Zealand, Paul Bloxham, expects growth to slow next year but to a rate that is still above its long-term trend and outperforms most other developed countries. [...] One of its underpinnings is the unexpectedly strong surge in net immigration, a key element of which is the fact that fewer New Zealanders are leaving for Australia and more are returning. Read the article here.

Skilled Migrant Category fortnightly selection

A selection of Expressions of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category took place on 10 December 2014.
This was the last section for the year, the next one will be in January 2015.

Selection criteriaNo. of EOIs
All EOIs at or above 140 points. 574

All those with a job or job offer that had a points total of 100 or more but less than 140 points.


All those claiming bonus points for work experience in an area of absolute skill shortage



The volume of people selected from the pool appears to be consistent. Since last year there have only been a few EOIs selected on the basis of bonus points and skills shortage. This means a high number of people with a point score of over 140 and skilled job offers submitted their EOI to the pool for selection. 964 EOIs are still in the pool after this selection.


Migration Boom Continues November 2014
Migration is hitting new record highs, with a net gain of 47,700 in the year to the end of October. Far fewer people are leaving for Australia, more New Zealanders are returning from across the Tasman and there is a flood of overseas students coming in. That reflects the improving job market in New Zealand, with tens of thousands of new jobs, and a cooling labour market in Australia.

Policy and Skill Shortage List Changes
Source: INZ
Both, temporary visa and permanent visa policy has been thoroughly updated in November and December this year. New application forms have been introduced again (this happens frequently) and skill shortage lists have been updated. Those updates have not removed or added occupations from the skill shortage lists, but rather changed specifications about qulaification or registration requirements. We will notify our clients if those changes will impact any existing visa applications.

Assessment of 'Living Together' for Partnerships
Source: INZ 
Immigration policy has been amended to confirm that when calculating the time a couple has been “living together” for the purposes of residence visa applications, the “living together” calculation does not include time spent in each other’s homes when the couple are maintaining a separate residence, or shared accommodation on holiday.  If you are applying under the Partnership Category, we will make sure that you meet the requirements and have gathered enough evidence to satisfy Immigration policy.

eMedical goes live
Source: INZ News
From 24 November 2014, Immigration New Zealand has joined eMedical, an online immigration health processing system developed by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This service will be available to all applicants in the following countries:
  • Cambodia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates, and
  • Vietnam
With eMedical, an approved panel physician and/or radiologist completes the medical and/or X-ray certificate and electronically submits the information to Immigration New Zealand. If you are living in one of the countries listed above, go to your nearest panel physician. For more information on eMedical, refer to INZ's eMedical Fact Sheet. We will provide you with a list of panel doctors for your country.

We now regularly publish business and investment news. Please let us know if you would like to subscribe to our Business & Investment newsletter

Our office will be closed from 24 December 2014 and re-open on 5 January 2015.

Best wishes and have a great Christmas,

The Team @ NZIC

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Newsletter April 2014

Posted by Katrin on 17 April 2014

It's the same every year but maybe more noticeable this autumn - daylight saving, the official end of summer and the prompt onset of wild weather everywhere in New Zealand. While it is still reasonably warm, this years' easter egg hunt will be an indoor one for most. 

It's been heavily covered in the news worldwide - the royal visit of William, Kate and Baby George has once again put New Zealand on the map and showed the hospitality, beauty and down-to-earth-ness of our country (if there is no such word, now there is). The overall excitement was infectious and definitely put a big dreamy smile on many little and big girls all over the country.

We have not been idle in the past few months. In fact, this is our busiest time of the year as we welcome many clients who are visiting the country and stop by in our Nelson office. Many love this region and want to stay and here's why:


Having fun is an essential part of our team, so Julia and I travelled to Wellington to take part in the Colour Run - apparently the happiest 5km on the planet. And they were right.


Some of the stories covered in this month's update are:
  • Facts about New Zealand that'll blow your mind 
  • NZ Socially Most Advanced Country
  • The Royal Tour
  • Employment News 
  • Immigration Update - Latest EOI Selection, Policy Changes and Skills Shortages List Update




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