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 New Zealand Immigration Concepts Ltd was founded in 1995 in Nelson, on the South Island of New Zealand, and has since assisted countless migrants of many nationalities to successfully settle in New Zealand.

In 2007, acknowledging the importance of finding employment in New Zealand for both, the visa application process and the settlement process, jobs4migrants, a job search service for skilled migrants, was established.

2010 brought a further extension of the services offered -  New Zealand Immigration Concepts founded The New Zealand Immigration Concepts Network by bringing a range of professionals to the table who, over the years, have demonstrated a high level of skills, complementing each other in assisting migrants with settling successfully in New Zealand.


What we can do for you


Visa Assistance

New Zealand has developed comprehensive immigration policies to support the country’s wellbeing and economic growth.

There is a broad range of visa options available for people wanting to come and live in New Zealand, but choosing the right visa, submitting a perfect visa application and liaising with Immigration New Zealand directly can be a daunting task.

The visa application process is complex and many of our clients have confirmed that they would have found it difficult to navigate this process without expert assistance. You may find our first hand client stories an interesting read. 

We have two fully Licensed Immigration Advisers in our team, Dr. Carsten Hallwass, specialising in Business and Investment migration, and Julia Cooke, well experienced in Skilled and Family migration. Both advisers are providing individual guidance and support from start to finish, taking away any uncertainty you might have about your process and the potential risk of being rejected by Immigration New Zealand.


Individual Job Search Assistance

Jobs4migrants has been established to assist our clients with finding skilled employment in New Zealand. This service has been tweaked and developed constantly since its humble beginnings and is now providing comprehensive and individual job search assistance from start to finish for immigrants to New Zealand.


Business and Investment Migration Assistance 

Dr. Carsten Hallwass, Senior Immigration Adviser, has pulled together a successful team of business, investment, legal and taxation advisers to provide comprehensive assistance to our business and investor migration clients. 


Connecting you with the right professionals

We can put you in touch with a broad range of professionals who understand migrants' needs and will be able to assist you with all aspects of settling in New Zealand.


What makes us special


  • We are migrants ourselves and therefore know exactly what you are going through. 
  • You will have a team of professionals working for you.
  • Our team covers all core aspects of a successful immigration.
  • Our licensed immigration advisers, job search experts and investment and business specialists will be working hand in hand with you. 
  • We are based in New Zealand and have our finger on the pulse of the employment market.
  • We will be your partner in New Zealand, working on your migration while you are still in your home country.
  • We will prepare your arrival in New Zealand to a degree where you will hit the ground running, saving valuable time and money. 
  • We have a very high success rate for all our migration clients and close to 100% for business migrants.
  • We offer 100% Service Guarantee. 
  • We are very approachable – talk to us about anything concerning your move. We speak English, German and Dutch in our office.
  • If we don’t know something – we certainly know where to find out quickly and can refer you to the right person.


Meet the Team 


Dr. Carsten Hallwass | Director 

 Dr. Carsten Hallwass   

Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser

Licence Number 200900212

IAA LOGO large

Bachelor of Law and Doctor of Law, University of Kiel, Germany

Dr. Carsten Hallwass holds a full licence to operate as a Licenced Immigration Adviser under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.

He is an Associate Member of the New Zealand Law Society as well as a full member of the Hanseatic Law Society of Bremen, Germany.

Carsten is specialising in business and investor migration. He has assisted many clients with sucessfully establishing their business, placing investments and applying for their respective visas under Business and Investor policies. 

"I am an Immigration Adviser for more than 19 years now and for the same time specialised in business migration, ie entrepreneurs and investors. My success rate is very close to 100 % and I have looked after clients and businesses from the far north to the deep south of New Zealand (literally)." 

"I am cooperating closely with the former manager of the Entrepreneur Team at Immigration New Zealand´s Business Migration Branch,  who now specialises in market research and incorporating business plans. Together we have a wealth of experience that you will find hard to beat." 

"I hope I am able to convince you that working with us is a good choice. I look forward to our next chat."

Before migrating to New Zealand in 1994, Carsten had studied Law and obtained a PhD. He was a partner in a law firm in Germany from 1988 to 1994.

Carsten is a passionate soccer player. Since his arrival in New Zealand he has been coaching a junior soccer team and continues to be a keen supporter of his home club Werder Bremen.

Carsten speaks English and German.

Read Carsten´s migrant story!


Martina Könnecke | Director

Martina Könnecke, Director

Bachelor of Law, University of Kiel, Germany

Martina Könnecke is an Associate Member of the New Zealand Law Society as well as a full member of the Hanseatic Law Society of Bremen, Germany.

Before migrating to New Zealand in 1994 Martina had worked as a solicitor in her own law firm since 1987.

She first came to New Zealand in 1985 and worked as a junior lawyer in a Nelson law firm to gain some overseas experience before going back to Germany and obtaining her admission to the bar.

Martina enjoys tramping and exploring New Zealand´s great outdoors, travelling and yoga.  She speaks English and German.

Martina is looking after the business and might also be the one who is replying to your inquiries in the first instance and calling you to talk about your migration plans.

"People often ask me what it is like to migrate to a new country and particularly New Zealand and I am happy to share my own immigration experience, because it is quite understandable that migrants want to hear from others who have made the move before taking the plunge themselves.  

To pass on my experience and that of many others, I decided to publish migrant stories on our website and many of our clients have kindly agreed to share their migration experience with you. A big thank you to all of you who have agreed to being interviewed and for telling your migrant story!"

Read Martina´s own migrant story!

Julia Cooke | Licensed Immigration Adviser

Julia Cooke, Licensed Immigration Adviser  

Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser

Licence Number 200901849

IAA LOGO large

Julia immigrated to Nelson, New Zealand with her young family from Hereford, UK in 2007.  Moving to the other side of the world and leaving behind family and friends is a huge step for anyone.  After going through the migration process herself she understands the anxieties and stress it can cause.  This life experience coupled with her professional background makes her a very competent licensed immigration adviser.  She has trained with NZIC and has held a full licence since it became the law in 2009.  

She takes her responsibility for her clients very seriously and strives to make their process as smooth and personable as possible.

Living and working in Nelson has been a dream come true for her and her family.  They now are able to spend quality time exploring this beautiful country and racing their two crazy huskies!

"Most of all - my gratitude and sincere thanks to the wonderful Julia Cooke at NZ Immigration Concepts Ltd in Nelson who raises the bar for competence and efficiency and who guided me every step of the way...!"  

 Read Julia´s migrant story!


 Katrin Schottke | Manager jobs4migrants

Katrin Schottke, Employment Adviser 


Masters of Social Science, M.Soc.Sc., University of Rostock, Germany

Katrin fell in love with New Zealand while travelling in 2000 and decided to immigrate in 2003 after finishing her studies. Coming from a background in Social Work she experienced various work environments since her arrival and would now like to share her passion for this country by helping new migrants find their feet by assisting them with all aspects of their search for employment.

Having been in the situation of starting fresh in a new country, she can relate only too well to the challenges and countless questions new migrants may have. As manager of jobs4migrants and part of The New Zealand Immigration Concepts Network she has successfully helped many clients to secure a job in New Zealand. "Helping to fulfill someone’s dream is a fantastic thing to do".

Katrin also regularly publishes our very popular newsletters, which help us to stay in touch with our clients and keep them up to date with the newest developments in New Zealand´s employment market, important changes of immigration policies and  general life in New Zealand. 

In her free time she loves to continue exploring the ever-surprising beauty of this country – on her bike, feet or skis – as well as dipping into the many cultural events Nelson has to offer – from becoming a night owl at the Film Society or being at the Arts Festival, concerts and markets.

Katrin speaks English and German.

"Hi Katrin, thank you very much for your job search material and for all the tips! The cover letter and the CV are really perfect. So I feel really prepared to start applying for jobs in New Zealand." Birgit K., Austria

"Thanks to friendly and efficient Katrin Schottke at NZIC for whom nothing was too much effort or trouble...!"



Susan Oakden 

International Liaison Officer

B.A.Honours Degree, Second Class, Division One

German Language and Literature with French Subsidiary, University of Hull, Yorkshire, U.K.

UCLES/RSA CELTA Grade A, Nottingham Trent University U.K.

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

Susan is the newest addition to our team.  She is supporting our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and Employment Specialists and will be looking after you during your entire migration journey.

Susan came to New Zealand from the UK. She has a background teaching English as a Second Language to people from overseas and has worked with learners from many countries and backgrounds.  In her private tutoring Susan has helped several migrants to improve their English.   

Susan speaks English, German and Dutch.

Read Susan´s migrant story!


Maj Hallwass

BCom - International Business, Political Science and Human Resources & Industrial Relations, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand 

Maj has assisted our team on completion of her degree and will remain an active team member while living in Milan, Italy and other exciting places in Europe. She has interviewed our clients and edited the Migrant Stories you can find on our website.  

Read the Migrant Stories Maj has put together for us!


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