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New Zealand is often mentioned in the media - for different reasons and under a large variety of topics.

As migrant to New Zealand you will be interested in following what is happening in our country.

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New Zealand reclaims title as world's least corrupt country.

New Zealand has reclaimed its ranking as the least corrupt country in the world in an international survey.

Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index for 2016 gave New Zealand a score of 90 points out of 100, placing it first-equal with Denmark out of 176 countries.

Article by Isaac Davison in the New Zealand Herald, published 25 January 2017.



Is paying for jobs to obtain visas the next big scandal?

Cases have emerged which paint a picture of how desperate immigrants are paying thousands of dollars to rogue immigration advisers and companies to validate their applications for work or residence visas.

As an RNZ investigation reveals evidence of migrant workers being scammed thousands of dollars for fake jobs, cases of suspected job-selling for visas are emerging.

Article by Gill Bonnett on the RNZ (Radio New Zealand) website 15 September 2016.



"Come with an open mind":  What life is really like in New Zealand. 

 Article in The Guardian, published 23 August 2016. 

Since the EU referendum, a growing number of Britons are investigating a move to New Zealand. Here people talk about life in the land of the long white cloud.  

Highly recommended and informative!

Nelson international migration at highest in 24 years

Tasha Leov looks into why the Nelson region is such a desirable location.

An article in Stuff on 29 August 2016



The big 'D' word - why diversity?

The pros and cons of immigration and how ethnic diversity benefits New Zealand

What is diversity good for? Lynda Chanwai-Earle hears from a group of high profile New Zealand's ethnic leaders to find out whether the increasingly ethnic diverse population in New Zealand is a good thing and how. 

Listen to 'The big 'D' word - why diversity?' on Radio New Zealand.


Cultural Diversity in New Zealand

NZ visa numbers reach 'staggering' record high

More people have been approved to work in New Zealand in the last year than in any other on record.

A publication by Gill Bonnett, Immigration Reporter

Radio New Zealand News



Does Auckland's high immigration and skill shortage "disconnect" needs fixing?

"...but what is clear is that we are not targeting skills where there are immediate and long-term shortages, especially construction – skills that could help Auckland gear up to build more houses.” 

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce in a statement published by Business to Business

153 KB

New Zealand: Five top hot springs

Luckily for us, New Zealand is full of these wondrous warm spots and many of them are free. Here are some of the best to check out around the country.

Travellers tips in the New Zealand Herald. 


Milky Way dazzles in clear skies

The unpolluted skies above the South Island allowed photographer Paul Wilson to capture a series of stunning images of the Milky Way.

The New Zealand Herald, Friday Jul 15, 2016


 New Zealand finishes third on medals per capita table at Rio

New Zealand’s 18 medals at the Rio Olympics put us in third place for total medals per capita, Statistics NZ said today.



The medals New Zealand won in Rio

New Zealand has won 18 medals, including four gold, nine silver and five bronze, improving on the previous best medal haul of 13 at both London 2012 and Seoul 1988. 

From an article in The West Australian.



NZ craft beer's $100m boom

The New Zealand Herald reports about the evolving craft beers market. 



Future of Auckland unveiled: Unitary Plan to go up and out

By Simon Collins, Bernard Orsman, published in the New Zealand Herald, 

More urban sprawl and greater intensification have been recommended in a new rulebook for Auckland released today.

The city's urban boundary will be expanded to free up 30 per cent more land for housing

A comprehensive article on plans to solve the housing crisis and develop the housing market in Auckland.



New global help desk for technology sector could create 300 jobs in Wellington

Up to 300 new jobs are coming to Wellington, with the establishment of an international customer service centre in the city. 

Stuff article, June 2016

136 KB

Feedback from Katrin: "One of our clients has just recently found a job there!"



Who we are - A great big melting pot

Article in the Wild Tomato, a local Nelson magazine.

This article, written by Sadie Beckman,  features a number of migrants to the Nelson region, backgrounds this smorgasbord and meets some of the newer arrivals.

Highly recommended!



20 things that happen when you move to New Zealand

Article written by Martha Brooke and published in Stuff on 11 July 2016. 


Lonely Planet book highlights the best free things in New Zealand 

Article published by The New Zealand Herald on 15 August 2016

Great photos of New Zealand!



LINKZ - When you are new to New Zealand

A magazine published by New Zealand Immigration for new migrants 

Issue 64 2016

Featured region: Canterbury 

A huge source of information for migrants!



The New Zealand Herald

Brexit has spiked interest from British citizens wanting to move to New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald has reported a tenfold increase in interest from Brits wanting to move to New Zealand since Brexit referendum:

According to the NZ Herald there were 10,647 registrations from the UK compared with 4599 over the same period last year.10,647.



'Heartening' data for job seekers reveals employers' wishlists

 Article in Stuff, written by Collette Devlin, published 9 July 2016. 

A look at the latest data from the job market. 



Civil service considering name-blind recruitment to close gender pay gap

Article in Stuff, written by Colette Devlin, published 10 July 2016.

About the still existing gender pay gap in New Zealand. 



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