Nelson is looking for Skilled Migrants

Nelson, as many beautiful New Zealand cities, is looking for Skilled Workers.  

Nelson is a stunning city in New Zealand’s South Island. It’s considered the sunniest region in the country, offering a unique lifestyle, short commutes to work and a welcoming community.

Despite Nelson being a dream location, a recent study by the Nelson Tasman Innovation Neighbourhood shows that many businesses in the region that are experiencing rapid growth, are struggling to find enough workers to fill new positions.

Almost every business interviewed had at least one vacant position, and they are mainly mid-to-senior technical roles and executive roles. These roles could be filled by skilled migrants.

Many migrants are targeting bigger cities, assuming that job offers would be easier to find there, however, New Zealand’s sustained growth is creating job and lifestyle opportunities in smaller towns, and this should not be overlooked.

If you are looking to move to New Zealand on a Skilled Migrant Visa, Nelson and many other beautiful small cities throughout the country, have plenty of options for professionals from overseas.

Keeping your options open and searching outside of the major urban areas will increase your chances of obtaining the crucial job offer, in order to secure your visa.



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