Are you entitled to Public Services?

Will you be able to access public Health Care, Maternity or any other Public Services?

New Zealand has a good range of public services to provide support when needed.

As a migrant you will enjoy some of those benefits but the level of public support will depend on the type of visa you hold. 

A resident visa will give you the best cover in many aspects. As a visitor you will need to ensure that you buy comprehensive travel insurance before coming to New Zealand. 


Your entitlements in New Zealand

The table below will give you a good overview of the various rights and level of support you can expect, depending on your visa. 

Your Entitlements

 Resident Visa 

 Work Visa 

 Student Visa 

Visitor Visa 

How long can you stay?  indefinitely depends on your job

for as long as your study course takes. 

up to 9 months 
How long can you work?  indefinitely depends on your job depends on your course (usually 20 hours per week and full-time during holidays) you are not allowed to work
Do you need a job for this visa? Under SMC likely. Family policy: no. Under SMC yes Family policy: no.  No  n.a.
Access to Healthcare  Full access  less than 2 years: limited, over 2 years: full access   no rights   no rights
Schooling: Primary and Secondary  Full access  Full access   no rights   no rights
Tertiary Education (Uni)  Full access need to pay international student fees   no rights   no rights
Student Allowance and Loan Full access after three years   no rights   no rights   no rights
Support for Jobseekers Full access after two years  no rights   no rights   no rights
Working for Families  Full access after one year  no rights    no rights   no rights
Voting rights  Yes, after one year  no rights   no rights   no rights
New Zealand Superannuation After 10 years (5 after the age of 50)  no rights    no rights   no rights


Are you eligible for a Resident Visa under the Skilled Migrant Category?

Find out by using our Quick Self-Check Guide or talk to our Employment Adviser about finding a job that suits your professional background and ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers whether you qualify.


Read more about becoming a New Zealand resident through the Skilled Migrant Category:


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