Licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority

Licensed Immigration Advisers

Professional registration is compulsory for Immigration Advisers, whether they are working in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world.

The New Zealand Immigration Authority, Immigration New Zealand does not accept visa applications from advisers who are not licensed by the IAA.

Our Immigration Advisers are fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority. 

Each year they go through a strict process to have their licenses renewed by the Authority. 


Dr Carsten Hallwass 

Dr. Carsten Hallwass Licensed Immigration Adviser

Licensed Immigration Adviser, Licence Number 200900212 


Apekshi Jayawardena

Apekshi Jayawardena, Licensed Immigration Adviser

 Licensed Immigration Adviser, Provisional Licence Number 201800790



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The Immigration Advisers Authority, IAA

The Authority cannot help you with your visa application, but it ensures that 

  • only suitable people are licensed to provide immigration advice
  • keeps a public register of licensed immigration advisers
  • develops and maintains competency standards and a code of conduct for licensed advisers
  • investigates and takes enforcement action against offences against the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007, such as providing advice when neither licensed nor exempt
  • receives complaints against licensed immigration advisers, and, if appropriate, refers them to the Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal who will hear the complaint and may impose sanctions. 

The Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct

The code of conduct ensures that your licensed immigration adviser will:

  • show you evidence that they are licensed 
  • be honest, professional, diligent and respectful
  • conduct themselves with due care and in a timely manner
  • provide you with objective advice
  • declare any conflicts of interest, including any commission they will receive, and seek your approval to continue to act for you
  • provide you with a written agreement for you to sign before any work is started which sets out the servcies to be provide and the fees
  • charges fees that are fair and reasonable
  • provide you with invoices with full descriptions of what the fees relate to
  • let you know when your application has been lodged and provide you with on-going timely updates
  • keep your personal documents safe and return them to you in a secure manner. 

Please note:

Before engaging an immigration adviser you need to check whether the adviser is entitled to act for you. Immigration New Zealand will not process any visa applications presented by somebody who is not authorised to do so by the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.

To check whether an adviser is licensed or exempt, look up the Authority's website:

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