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Immigration Advice – Integrated Job Search Assistance – Business Migration – More than 20 years of Experience with Migration to New Zealand – Proven Track Record – Dedicated Team - Based in New Zealand - 100% New Zealand owned.


Our Mission

To provide the best all-round immigration support you can possibly get for your move to New Zealand. 


Our History

New Zealand Immigration Concepts Ltd was founded in 1995 in Nelson, on the South Island of New Zealand, and has since assisted thousands of migrants of many nationalities and from all over the world to successfully immigrate to New Zealand.

In 2007, acknowledging the importance of finding employment in New Zealand for both the visa application process and the settlement process, we established our Job Search Assistance service, now a key part of our service at New Zealand Immigration Concepts. 

2010 brought a further extension of the services offered: We formed the The New Zealand Immigration Concepts Network, bringing a range of professionals to the table who, over the years, have demonstrated a high level of specialist skills, complementing each other in assisting migrants with their settlement process in New Zealand. 


Our strong points – Your benefits

  • We are based in New Zealand.
  • We focus exclusively on immigration to New Zealand.
  • We are highly qualified, with fully Licensed Immigration Advisers, Job Search Professionals and Career Coaches in our team.
  • We have more than 22 years experience with providing immigration assistance, more than 70 years combined in our team. 
  • We are all migrants ourselves and therefore know exactly what you are going through, except for our Job Search Professionals who are New Zealanders and have their fingers on the pulse of the New Zealand employment market.
  • We are personal: You will have your own personal Licensed Immigration Adviser, Job Search Expert or Investment and Business Specialist working hand in hand with you.
  • We are determined to make a difference for you: Together we will prepare your arrival in New Zealand to a degree where you will hit the ground running and follow through to completion.
  • We have a success rate of close to 100% for skilled and business migrants.

100% New Zealand owned and operated 

What our clients say about our firm: 

"We would like to thank Julia and the team at New Zealand Immigration Concepts. We could not have done it without you.

Although we have not met any of you, the friendly yet professional service you have provided us with has been absolutely fantastic. You have been extremely helpful and very efficient through the process, you have all gone above and beyond.  

We never thought we could obtain residency so quickly, but thanks to all your hard work we have. You have been proactive and kept on top of our application and we will be forever thankful to New Zealand Immigration Concepts.

We are so excited to enjoy beautiful New Zealand as residents now and have our children grow up here! We would definitely recommend NZIC to anyone thinking of immigrating to New Zealand.

We are so very thankful for everything you have done for us.
Many thanks & regards"

Chayten & Lauren M.

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Licensed Immigration Advisers 

Our Immigration Advisers are fully fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, IAA


Our Advisers are fully Licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority


 Julia Cooke, Licensed Immigration Adviser, Licence Number 200901849  

 Dr. Carsten Hallwass, Licensed Immigration Adviser, Licence Number 200900212 



Meet our Teams: You will have two teams working for you!

Our Visa Team is headed by our Licensed Immigration Advisers Carsten and Julia and supported by Katrina, Leah, Emma and Chelsea. 

Our Job Search Team consists of Katrin, Anna, Judy and Jannie, all highly experienced and motivated Career Professionals.

Find out more about the people at NZIC.


Our Services and Fees

Read more about our unique service fusion:  Our services and fees.


What our clients say about us: 

"We would like to thank Julia and the team at New Zealand Immigration Concepts. We could not have done it without you." Chayten & Lauren M.


Proven Track Record

Find out more about our proven track record: Happy Clients


Our Free Professional Assessment

We are happy to provide you with a Free Professional Assessment to give you the best start possible for your immigration journey. Take your first step to New Zealand!

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Our Team - Professional, Upfront, Genuine and Personal
Our Services - The best all-round immigration support you can get 
Our Job Search Assistance Service for Skilled Migrants 
Licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority


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