How many points do you need for your EOI?

News: Due to the current Covid-19 epidemic Immigration New Zealand is deferring all selections of Expressions of Interests until further notice!

We will update this page as soon as any new developments become known. 

In the meantime, please read our pages Jobs and Visas during COVID-19 and How soon can you migrate? to find out more about how the epidemic affects the immigration process and why now is a good time to start your migration to New Zealand. 

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The situation prior to Covid-10:

The following information was up to date until just before the crisis started and will be relevant again in this form and shape for subsequent selections. 

We expect that Immigration New Zealand is going to announce future selection dates as soon as it is possible for them to predict further developments, and will keep you informed on this page.


How many points will you need for your Expression of Interest (EOI) to be selected?

The short answer is: You will currently need 160 points.

But this can change from one fortnight to another. Please read on, if you would like to understand how the points system works and how you can maximise your chances of being selected.


New Zealand Residence Programme - The latest Selection Result: 

The most recent selection of Expressions of Interest (EOIs) under the Skilled Migrant Category took place on 4 March 2020.

724 EOIs with a total of 160 or more points will undergo preliminary verification to determine if an invitation to apply for residency will be issued.

Applicants who weren't selected, most likely do not have a job offer and will not be selected in the future.

We strongly advise our clients not to submit an Expression of Interest unless we can be confident that they have an excellent chance of being selected. In most cases, a job offer is required to pass through this stage of the visa application process successfully. 


The make-up of the latest Selection shows the importance of a New Zealand job offer for a successful Selection:

Successful EOIs With a Job Offer in NZ Successful EOIs Without a Job Offer in NZ
643 (89%) 81 (11%)




Watch the following video to learn what you need to know about the points system:

A lot of valuable work can be done before you arrive. The most efficient way forward is to get the documents ready and start your job search while you are still in your home country! This will save you time and money and improve your chances of being selected.   

You can monitor the development of the Skilled Migrant Category fortnightly selections by bookmarking this page. We will keep you up to date on the latest Selection Results. 

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