How long will it take to migrate to New Zealand?

How long will it take to migrate to New Zealand?

At the start of your migration journey you probably wonder how long it will take until you get your visa and find a job and what you can do to speed up your immigration process. 

You will probably base your entire timing for your move around this important question as it will affect a number of further decisions and items on your to-do list.


The duration of your immigration process will depend on two main factors: 

  1. On how smoothly your visa application process will run
  2. On how you smoothly you will be able to fulfil further immigration requirements, depending on the visa policy you are choosing,  i.e. find a job, establish a business, place an investment.


What can you do to speed up your process?

Prepare thoroughly and get it right straight away. Avoid delays!


Preparing for submission of your visa application is a lengthy and bureaucratic process:

Some applicants will need to apply for an external Qualification Assessment of their overseas qualifications, or for their professional registration with the registration board in charge for their professions. Both processes will most likely take several months to complete.

In many cases a job offer is required before a visa application can be submitted. Looking for a job will take weeks or even months.


Are you submitting the perfect visa application?

To prove your eligibility, you have to choose the right visa type for your plans for New Zealand and your visa application has to be accompanied by a full set of documents and other evidence.

In most cases you will have to provide translations and certified copies of your documents. If Immigration New Zealand needs more information from you or questions your eligibility, you will experience considerable delays.

If you have to supply further documents, which might have to be obtained from authorities in your home country, i.e. police clearances or work related evidence, it can take weeks or even months until you have them available for submission.

If you have chosen the wrong visa type for your application, you will be rejected and have to start again. 

Submitting a visa application that does not fulfil all requirements will cause mayor delays for you. 


The visa processing times at Immigration New Zealand

Once your visa application has been submitted, your application will be processed by Immigration New Zealand. Unfortunately the processing times for visa applications have recently been extended considerably. Read more about the current visa processing times


Our Advice: 

Choosing the right visa type and submitting a complete visa application will be your best way to speed up your visa application process. 

  • Competent visa advice and careful preparation are the key to a smooth visa application process, regardless of the type of visa you are applying for. 
  • Having your paperwork ready will ensure that your visa application can be submitted as soon as you are fully eligible! 
  • The earlier on in the process you start collating your documents and looking for a job, the better you are prepared and the faster you will be ready to submit your visa application once you are eligible. 

All of this might sound obvious to you, but from experience we can not stress enough that good preparation will save you nerves and time when you want to move on with your migration plans.



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Are you eligible for a Resident Visa under the Skilled Migrant Category?

Find out by using our Quick Self-Check Guide or talk to our Employment Adviser about finding a job that suits your professional background and ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers whether you qualify. 

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