Entrepreneur Work Visa - a practitioner´s point of view

Applying for an Entrepreneur Work Visa can be a daunting process with a current decline rate of 80% !

I have recently been invited to speak at an Immigration conference about Entrepreneur Work Visas. My first sentence was: I try to talk my clients out of it. Let me tell you why.

Apart from the obvious points criteria you will also need to meet the Entrepreneur Work Visa policy objectives. The Entrepreneur Work Visa policy is seeking to attract

- high growth or

- innovative businesses or

- businesses with export potential.

In my speech I made a comparison between the old Long Term Business Visa and the Entrepreneur Work Visa. I had a look at certain industries, before and after,  and classified them into “winners and losers”. Well, there weren’t many “winners" but quite a few “losers”, such as the hospitality industry. 

I don’t want to sound too negative however and there are rumours of policy changes to make things easier for entrepreneurs.In the meantime , if you have a business idea that meets the above policy objectives and the points criteria chances of success can still be good. Check the points criteria or contact me to discuss your business idea for New Zealand! Of course I will keep you informed about any changes that will come into effect.


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Dr. Carsten Hallwass

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