Investor Visas

New Zealand's Investor Programs - Key Benefits - Key Requirements  

These are the key benefits for investor visa applicants:

  • Direct path to Permanent Residence in New Zealand
  • Streamlined and prioritised procedure
  • Partner and dependent children are included in the application
  • English language requirements less strict
  • You choose how and where you invest your funds in New Zealand

The key investment requirements for investor visas at a glance: 

  • Investor 1 Category: NZ $ 10 million investment
  • Investor 2 Category: NZ $ 3.0 million investment (Discount of NZ $ 0.5 millions if at least partly invested in "growth investments")
  • Parent Retirement Category: Child annual income of at least two times New Zealand's median salary.
  • Temporary Retirement Category: NZ $ 0.75 million investment + NZ $ 0.5 million settlement funds (plus family and annual income requirements)

Read more about the visa application process under Investor 2 Category

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