Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa

Do you qualify for a Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa?

Parents and legal guardians can visit New Zealand to live with and care for their children who are in New Zealand on a student visa.

You must meet policy criteria and pay the Government fee of GBP120.

The processing time is about 25 days.

This visa will only be granted to one parent or legal guardian at any one time.

Partner or other dependent children will need their own visas.

For more info please visit the official Government website. 


Variation of Conditions

If you hold a Guardian of a student visitor visa and want to work part-time you may be able to apply for a Variation of Conditions.


With your application for a variation of conditions, you must provide

• an offer of employment

• an employment agreement

• an employer supplementary form

• The application for a variation of conditions or a Variation of Travel Conditions form 

• The application fee (Govt fee: GBP112 plus courier fee GBP 6.70-52.50)

Please note: Guardians of student visitor visa holders can only work Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30 am and 2.30 pm (school hours).  


Our Licensed Immigration Advisers can guide you through the Guardian Visa application and apply for your Variation of Conditions to enable you to work while your child is studying in New Zealand. 




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