You want to transfer with your current employer?

Are you a key employee of a business and going to be transferred to New Zealand?

This category grants residence to employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand, who do not qualify for residence under any of the other existing categories. 


Summary of Requirements:

Principle applicants under this category are required to demonstrate 

  • that they are a key employee of relocating business and
  • that the relocation of this business is supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • that they are not eligible to apply for residence under any of the other policies.

A business specialist at Immigration New Zealand will consult with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to establish whether they support the relocation of the business.  

Timing of the Application Process

The application process consists of  two steps:

1.The Application:  Evidence concerning the relocating business and the employee´s role in the relocating business have to be provided to Immigration New Zealand.

If the business immigration specialist at Immigration New Zealand is satisfied

  • that documents provided as evidence are genuine and accurate, 
  • that the appropriate office of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is supporting the relocation of the business and 
  • that the applicant is not eligible for a resident visa under any of the other categories

an Approval in Principle will be granted.


2. Resident Visas may be granted once the following requirements have been met

  • the principal applicant can provide evidence that the business has relocated to New Zealand and is operating under a New Zealand address
  • the migrant levy has been paid
  • the principal applicant and any partner and dependent children meet English language requirements.           

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