Bonus points for Partner Qualification

If the partner of the principal applicant has got a recognised qualification, this is seen as a contribution of the whole migrating family and will therefore provide bonus points for the Expression of Interest.

Recognised qualifications held by the partner of a principal applicant qualify for the following points:

Level three to six on the New Zealand Qualification Framework (trade qualification, diploma) 10 points    

Level seven to ten on the New Zealand Qualification Framework (bachelors degree, bachelors degree with Honours, Masters Degree, Doctorate)  20 points  

A partner's recognised qualification only qualifies for bonus points if:

  • the partner is included in the application; and
  • the partner meets the English language requirements for principal applicants; and 
  • an immigration officer is satisfied that the principal applicant and their partner have been living together for 12 months or more in a partnership that is genuine and stable and otherwise meets Partnership requirements.


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