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Find out how we can assist you, a New Zealand employer, with hiring a migrant candidate.

- Migrant workers are increasingly important to New Zealand because they are able to fill labour and skill shortages. 

At the recent Labour Summit, organised by Wine Marlborough we learnt that the total workers number in the Marlborough wine industry alone will increase from currently 8325 to 10,304 in 2019/20.  Due to demographic and other reasons however, the region is challenged to meet this demand. It was therefore recommended to

“aggressively promote the region as a migrant destination – URGENTLY – NOW”. 

- Recruiting overseas workers is not an easy task. Under the so-called Essential Skills Work Visa Category, when employing overseas workers, employers have to prove to Immigration New Zealand that there are no suitable New Zealanders available to fill the respective position.

There is a solution however, which is not very well known: employers can get accredited with Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

This will allow them to streamline the Work Visa application process for their job candidates from abroad. Employers need to demonstrate that they are in a sound financial position, have robust human resources and health and safety policies in place and are also training and employing New Zealanders.

- Many of our New Zealand employer clients enjoy the benefits of INZ accreditation, mainly the easier immigration process and a better and long-lasting staff retention. 

- From our experience migrants who are engaging the services of a Licensed Immigration Adviser are fully committed to making the move. 

- Our Licensed Immigration Advisers - having carefully assessed the migrant's eligibility and ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is in place - can give you, as a  New Zealand employer, the confidence that the visa application process will be smooth.


Are you a New Zealand employer looking for skilled staff?  

Finding the right skills locally in New Zealand can be a challenge for New Zealand businesses and as an employer you might be looking overseas to attract skilled migrants to New Zealand. 

- We can connect you with the skills you need!

- We can help you with finding the right candidate for your business and making sure that your candidate has the right to work in New Zealand.

Every day we are receiving a high number of enquiries from skilled migrants from all over the world through our website. All candidates are assessed for their visa eligibility by our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and we facilitate their visa application process from start to finish, liaising with Immigration New Zealand for you and our client - at no cost to you.


If you have a position that needs to be filled by a highly skilled candidate

  • we may already have the perfect candidate in our database, pre-assessed and eligible to apply for a work or resident visa, or
  • we can list your job vacancy on our website,  giving you exposure to highly skilled candidates from all over the world.


We are not a recruitment company. Listing your positions with us is completely free of charge for you!

Send us an email to let us know if you have a position in your company: [email protected]


The overseas candidate will need a work visa 

As employer you too need to comply with Immigration Laws.

Finding the right candidate overseas is only the very first step, as your candidate will then need the right visa to start working for you in New Zealand.

At that stage you might experience that the visa application process is complex and can be daunting at the best of times for both you and the migrant.

For example: How can you, as an employer, demonstrate to Immigration New Zealand that no New Zealander can be found to do the job you are trying to fill and pass the Labourmarket Test?

There are a number of immigration visa options for migrant workers, depending on their occupation and the offer of employment they get from the New Zealand employer: 

Work to Residence

Allows a migrant to work in New Zealand and might entitle the migrant to apply for a resident visa after having worked in the job for at least 24 months. 

Work Visa 

Allows a migrant who works in a profession that is experiencing skill shortages, or has a job offer from an accredited employer, to live and work in New Zealand for a set period of time. 

Resident Visa 

Allows a migrant to live ans work in New Zealand indefinitely and access most public funded services. Most resident visas are granted through the Skilled Migrant Category - a points system based on factors like age, work experience, qualifications and an offer of skilled employment. 

Approval in Principle

 If you, as an employer, have a job vacancy and can't find suitable New Zealanders to fill them, you can apply to Immigration New Zealand for an Approval in Principle to bring in migrant workers. 


If the candidate you want to employ is still overseas:  

You can apply to Immigration New Zealand for Approval in Principle to recruit a worker or workers from overseas. Workers you recruit will apply for Essential Skills work visas to work for you on a temporary basis.

An application for Approval in Principle can take some time to process because Immigration New Zealand consults with various external parties before making a decision.

Once your request for Approval in Principle is granted, you can then go ahead and recruit appropriately qualified and experienced workers from overseas.


As part of your Request for Approval in Principle, you will need to provide evidence of your efforts to recruit New Zealanders:

Make genuine attempts to recruit a New Zealand worker, for example by: 
  • advertising the position in a large newspaper or website
  • contracting a recruitment agent
  • making contact with Work and Income (particularly if the position is low skilled). 
Include records of the advertising you have done and an explanation of why the particular job specifications are necessary for the work.
Explain why New Zealand applicants were not available or suitable

Explain why New Zealand applicants could not be readily trained.

Approval cannot be given if:

  • advertising for the position is written in such a way that discourages New Zealand workers from applying
  • there are suitable New Zealand workers available. This includes cases where New Zealand workers are unwilling to take up the work because of the terms and conditions, such as salary or wages you are offering.

Ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers to assist you with your application for an Approval in Principle to employ somebody from overseas. Send us an email:  [email protected]


If the candidate you want to employ is in New Zealand:

Ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers to assist your future employee with their Essential Skills work visa application.   


How can you be sure that the person you are about to employ has a right to work in New Zealand? 

VisaView allows New Zealand employers to check whether a person who is not a New Zealand citizen can work in New Zealand for that employer.

It also enables registered employers to confirm New Zealand passport information provided by the jobseeker, and therefore confirm New Zealand citizenship and entitlement to work in any job. 


Employers are not permitted to give visa advice

Current or prospective migrant employees may turn to small business owners for advice on immigration matters.

Legally employers cannot provide New Zealand immigration advice without being licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) or being exempt. Exempt people include New Zealand lawyers and Immigration New Zealand staff.

Immigration advice includes:

  • Advising a person on what New Zealand visa they best qualify for.
  • How to best answer a question in a visa application form.
  • Representing a person to Immigration New Zealand.

However, you can legally:

  • Give information to employees directly from the Immigration New Zealand website or from a visa form.
  • Suggest employees contact Immigration New Zealand for help so they can find out what visa they need and complete the application themselves.
  • Direct employees to the Immigration Advisers Authority website to locate an adviser.


If visa applicants are not honest on their form about the help they received, the application may be declined and Immigration New Zealand may refuse future visa applications.


Don’t risk not being able to hire the staff you need. Ensure your prospective employees use a licensed immigration adviser if they need immigration advice!



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