Find a job in New Zealand!

Find a job in New Zealand!

Job Search Assistance and Coaching

  • When we started New Zealand Immigration Concepts, it became clear that most migrants need a job offer to meet their visa requirements.
  • Other local visa companies can get you a visa once you have a job offer, and local recruitment companies help you get a job once you have a visa, but they do not collaborate. 
  • Employers often don't understand the process and want you to have a visa before they offer you a job, and you will not be eligible for a visa until you have a job offer.
  • You find yourself stuck in what we call a "Catch 22 Dilemma".
  • Our successful job search service has been developed to bridge this gap and make the transition here as seamless as possible. Our job search team bring expert experience and offer assistance, coaching and networking advice tailored to your skills. 


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We want you to be realistic about your move! 

Wie stehen Ihre Chancen? Fragen Sie uns nach einer kostenlosen Chancenbewertung!

Unsere erfahrenen Einwanderungsberater und Jobsearch Spezialisten ermitteln gerne Ihre Chancen auf dem neuseeländischen Arbeitsmarkt und auf Erlangung der erforderlichen Visa und machen Ihnen einen Vorschlag für die Verwirklichung Ihrer Neuseelandpläne.