Investor 2 Category - Visa Application Process

The visa application process under Investor 2 Category 

The application process under Investor 2 Category consists of two main stages, the Expression of Interest and the Residence Application.


  • Every applicant who meets age ( 65 years or younger) health, character, English Language and the minimum requirements under the Points System is eligible to submit an Expression of Interest.

  • You claim points for your age, English language capabilities, business experience and investment funds.
  • Every fortnight Immigration New Zealand selects Expressions of Interest with a points score equal to or higher than the Selection Pointfrom the Pool.  Expressions of Interest will be selected from the Pool according to their points ranking.
  • Only Expressions of Interest that have been selected from the Pool will undergo a preliminary verification of the information provided in the EOI and only those applicants who have successfully passed this stage will then receive an Invitation to apply for a Resident Visa.
  • You cannot directly apply for residence under this category unless you are invited.
  • Once invited your Application for Residence will be submitted to Immigration New Zealand along with the documentation proving that you have met the requirements of the Investor 2 Category and are eligible to claim the points scored in your Expression of Interest.
  • Immigration New Zealand will assess your Application for Residence according to Government residence policy and issue an Approval in Principle.
  • After you have obtained your Approval in Principle, you will need to evidence that the funds nominated in your application have been placed in an acceptable investment in New Zealand. You have 12 months to transfer and invest your funds in New Zealand. This timeframe can be extended to 18 months in total.
  • During this time you can also apply for a work visa so you can travel to New Zealand to look into investment opportunities.
  • You will need to retain your investment funds in an acceptable investment for four years, and spend at least 146 days each year in New Zealand in years two, three and four of your four-year investment period.

 Immigration New Zealand approves a maximum of 300 applications for Permanent Residence per year under the Investor 2 Category.


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