Investor Visas

Investor Visas for New Zealand 

There are a number of visa options available for investors and entrepreneurs: 

Investor 1 Category, Investor 2 Category, Parent Retirement Category and Temporary Retirement Category. 

The objective of New Zealand's Investment Migration Policies is to attract capital to our economy.

While Entrepreneur Work and Entrepreneur Residence Visas also require considerable investments, they are primarily based on establishing and running a business in New Zealand and are covered by a separate visa policy.   

Distinctive benefits for Investor Visa applicants 

  • Investor migrants can enjoy the New Zealand lifestyle without having to work. 
  • Investor migrants will obtain New Zealand residency without waiting time.
  • There are safe and easy to understand investment options in New Zealand.
  • You have a choice of how and where you invest your funds in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand`s political stability ensures that your investment is secure.
  • Your partner and dependent children are included in your visa application.
  • The English language requirements are less strict than for other visa types.
  • All migrants can enjoy personal safety in New Zealand.

Will you qualify for an Investor Visa?

Different levels of investments are required for different investor visa types:

  • Investor 1 Category: NZ $ 10 million
  • Investor 2 Category: NZ $ 3 million investment
  • Parent Retirement Category: NZ $ 1.0 million investment + NZ $ 0.5 million settlement funds, plus family and annual income requirements
  • Temporary Retirement Category: NZ $ 0.75 million investment + NZ $ 0.5 million settlement funds, plus family and annual income requirements 

The Key Requirements -  A Quick Self-Check

In short, the more capital you can invest, the less further requirements you will have to fulfil. 

Compare the different visa types for investors and entrepreneurs and see whether you might qualify:



Investor Category 2


Investor Category 1


Entrepreneur Work & Residence Visas


Parent Retirement Category


Temporary Retirement


Employees of  Relocating Business Category

Good health




 Required Required Required

Good character




 Required Required Required

Investment funds

Minimum of NZ$ 3 million for 4 years

Minimum of NZ$ 10 million for 3 years

Minimum of NZ$ 100,000 - can be waived 

 Minimum of NZ$ 1 million NZ$ 750,000  

Settlement funds

No requirement

No requirement

Sufficient Maintenance Funds for the first three years

 NZ$ 500,000 NZ$ 500,000  

Maximum age


No requirement

No requirement

 No requirement Must be 66 years or older  

Minimal English language

IELTS level 3

No requirement

IELTS level 4


 No requirement No requirement  IELTS level 4

Minimum time to be spent in NZ

146 days each year

44 days each year

No requirement – but you have to be self-employed in New Zealand on a full-time basis for 2 years to qualify for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa.


No requirement  No requirement  

Business Experience




 No requirement No requirement Must be a key employee of a relocating business

Business Plan

No requirement


No requirement



 No requirement No requirement Relocation of business must be supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

 Ask Dr.Carsten Hallwass which of these visa options might be best suited for you.


Find out more about the requirements of investor and entrepreneur visas:

Investor 1 Category

Parent Retirement Category

Temporary Retirement Category  

Do you need to apply to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) for a consent to invest in New Zealand? 

Ask our Business and Investor Migration Expert

If you want to find out more about investing in New Zealand, contact Dr Carsten Hallwass, the Business and Investor Migration Adviser in our team.

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