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Buying a business will help you with your move to New Zealand in more than one way: 

1. An established business will give you a head start as a business owner in New Zealand.

The benefits of buying an established business as opposed to starting a new venture from scratch are obvious: A newcomer to New Zealand can take advantage of a well-established customer base and at the same time gain instant local market knowledge. Buying an existing business will enable you to generate an income right from the start. 

2. A business can provide a pathway for your visa.

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How can you find a business that is currently for sale?

Businesses that tend to be especially popular with immigrants are typically, but not exclusively, based in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Motels, camping grounds, backpackers, restaurants and cafes and New Zealand's famous adventure tourism operations are all possible ventures that might suit the lifestyle a migrant is looking for.


The following businesses are currently for sale: 


RUBY BAY, Nelson

A rare opportunity to purchase over 16 ha of highly productive land.

 303 Aporo Hero2

Purchasers will be delighted to create their own future in this hugely desirable lifestyle location! 

With stunning beaches on our doorstep, Aporo Road & Ruby Bay, is part of one of the most popular tourist scenic roads in Tasman, New Zealand. 

The property has its own unique microclimate, with a North facing, flat to gently sloping contour, catching the sea breeze, promoting airflow, maximising sunlight penetration and accelerating fruit ripening. This unique microclimate allows the property of the perfect environment for growing a wide variety of fruits and also the potential to develop grapes.

The soil is 'Ancient Moutere clay gravels' known locally to be one of the best soils to produce a full-bodied robust grape flavour. Apples, Quince, Cherries and Plums are all growing on this profitable, tested, healthy fertilised soil.

There is room to further develop the horticultural aspect of the property with ease. Multiple sources of water rights, dam, bore, well, stream, rain reservoir provides ample scope for irrigation.

A multifaceted operation, the property currently offers a variety of income sources and development possibilities.

- A number of existing buildings currently leased and providing a secure income  
- Subdivision potential 
- An elevated and prepared house site with lakelet and mountain views. (power and phone to the site)
- 14 site Campground with the possibility to further develop.

Easily accessible to major arterial routes it is a short drive to Richmond, Motueka and the Nelson Airport. Developers are investing strongly into the area based upon its growing popularity, with a number of residential developments currently underway. It is clear that Ruby Bay is winning more and more as a preferred destination for local, national and international buyers.  

303 Aporo 2

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The Pakawau Project - Golden Bay

The Pakawau Campground is located on a pristine beach in Golden Bay, New Zealand about 10 kilometres from Farewell Spit in the township of Pakawau.  The campground comprises almost 3 acres with 240 meters of beach frontage protected by a rock wall. 

Sustainable Ventures Ltd. bought the property in 2006 and has spent the intervening time designing and engineering the proposed buildings, water and sewage systems and obtaining all the Resource Consents and permissions to carry out the project to completion.  Given the strong opposition initially encountered, it is less and less likely that a similar project would ever be approved in this low density and rural part of New Zealand.  That alone makes this a very unique property.

The market in Golden Bay has been slow during the last four years of worldwide recession and housing price decline, but the prices have not fallen significantly.  The competing properties for this project are “baches” (single-family cottages and homes) on similar beach property ranging from $500,000 and up plus bare sections with zoning for single-family house construction for $2to300,000.

The Pakawau Camp has since the 1950s been a place where Kiwi families have come for their summer vacations with children because of the beauty and the safety of the beach for small children.  However to continue to operate the site as a camp is not economical given the current prices of real estate on the beach.

The project aims at a target market of people who either want to live there as permanent residents or own a second home for vacations and rental income when they are not in residence.  The percentage of permanent residents in Pakawau is about 50% currently.  One of the advantages of this project will be that while each unit will be on its own “unit title” allowing for bank financing, there will also be a “body corporate” which takes care of all common property, maintenance, and rental bookings and servicing, under contract.  For people who choose this ownership option, this will be a hassle-free way to live or vacation plus have the opportunity to make some money through rentals.

The average price of the 20 permitted units is projected at $450,000.  All units are oriented toward the north for passive solar gain and ability to employ solar hot water and electricity.  The entire complex is designed by award-winning architect Min Hall of Arthouse Architecture using green building principles, yet retains a local Kiwi bach flavour.  Each unit has an outdoor private patio and a view of the sea.

The mix of units is 5 single bedroom, 12 two-bedroom, and 3 three-bedroom units, in three 6 unit horseshoe-shaped complexes and one two-unit building to make 20 units.  The Resource Consent runs for ten years and the buildings can be built in 4 stages over that time frame.

This project could satisfy the investment requirements for up to two partners who wish to become New Zealand permanent residents/citizens as the asking price is $3 million NZD (plus GST which is actually returned by the government as long as it comprises an expense of the future development).  When the project is sold out all monies will have been recovered plus a profit.

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