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The New Zealand Immigration Concepts Network:

Everything you will need to successfully settle in New Zealand


Participating migration related services - available for you if and when you need them:




You are thinking about moving to New Zealand. You need a resident or work visa, but how do you start the process?

Jobsearch Assistance

You have decided to move to New Zealand, but how are you going to find employment that suits your skills?

Business Assistance

You would like to be self-employed and start a business or purchase an established business in New Zealand?

UK Pension Transfer

You are starting a new life Down-Under and want to transfer your UK Pension to New Zealand? Ask a UK expat for advice:

Investment Advice

You are moving your assets to New Zealand, but who will be able to give you professional advice on financial decisions and investments?

Legal Advice

You are moving to a new country. Who can you ask for expert advice when buying a house, setting up a business or making a new will?

Tax Advice

You are transferring funds, taking up employment or starting a business: You need expert advice in New Zealand taxation registration and tax laws.


You are looking for a house to buy in New Zealand, but where do you start and what do you have to look out for?


Do you want to transfer money or open a bank account before you arrive in New Zealand?


Do you want to get insurance to protect your health and other most valuable assets?


Do you need your documents translated into English by a certified translator?


Find out how studies in New Zealand can lead to residence, whether you already have a tertiary qualification or not:


You will be arriving in New Zealand shortly, but where will you be spending your first few nights?

Moving Services

You have decided to bring your belongings to New Zealand. Now you need help with transport and customs.

Pet Transfer

You would like to take your much loved pet to New Zealand, but what are the formalities?


Would you like to get ready for the English language test before you arrive in New Zealand?

Working Holiday Visa

Are you 30 years or younger and would like to work in New Zealand for up to a year?

Learn English

Do you want to improve your English language skills or prepare yourself for the IELTS test?

Travel Insurance 

Are you looking for comprehensive insurance for your first two years in New Zealand and beyond?


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