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Catch 22 or Finding a Job in New Zealand

You would like to work in New Zealand, but do not know where to start your job search?

You have already looked into your options of finding employment in New Zealand?  Then this might sound familiar to you:

"Only applicants with the right to work in New Zealand may apply!"

New Zealand Immigration Concepts has developed jobs4migrants, a Job Search Service for Skilled Migrants.

Established in 2007, jobs4migrants is tailored specifically to meet the needs of migrant jobseekers. 

As a new migrant your first challenge will be to start your jobsearch in an employment market that is still foreign to you.

  • Where do you even start looking?
  • Are your qualifications recognised in New Zealand?
  • Will your work experience be acknowledged?
  • How do you write a CV in New Zealand format?
  • What does your job application have to look like?
  • What will the job interview entail?

jobs4migrants will actively assist you with your search for employment by providing you with market knowledge and insider know-how, getting you ready for your job hunt even before you arrive in New Zealand.

But jobs4migrants will go a lot further than that for you!

New Zealand Employers are legally obliged to ask you whether you have a work visa before committing to giving you a binding offer of employment.

You will find yourself in a classical catch 22 situation:

no work visa - no job 

no job - no work visa

Overcoming the catch 22 situation when looking for a job in New Zealand will be one of the most difficult challenges you will come across during your migration process.

Local knowledge and know-how will help you through.


jobs4migrants can offer you:

  • Comprehensive pro-active assistance with your job search in New Zealand
  • To work on bridging the catch 22 situation by coordinating your employment search and your work visa application.


Ask us how we can help you to find employment and commence working in New Zealand as soon as possible:

   "We look forward to hearing from you!"


"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life"


For a free assessment of your chances and to find out how we can assist you with your job search:

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